Why Truly Madly Deeply is still one of my favourite movies ever

The other night I re-watched one of my favourite all-time films – Truly Madly DeeplyThis is a film that I once owned a copy of on video way back in the 90s, and used to watch at least once a year. I had been thinking of it, and finally tracked down a copy on the internet about a year ago. Then an interesting thing happened, I chose not to watch it. It sat on the shelf and left me wondering why I was letting it gather dust after searching for it for so long. That’s when I realised that I was concerned that in re-watching it I would find it wasn’t as good as I remembered. But, cosying down on the couch to view it the other night, I was comforted to find that as I laughed and cryed and sighed my way through it, I still love it just as much as before.

This is why I think Truly Madly Deeply is  the perfect film. Start with this..


Truly Madly Deeply


* The Grief Scene  (Nina talking to her counsellor about Jamie)

This moment is absolute perfection and I have never been able to get through it without sobbing myself – the depth of Nina’s grief at the loss of Jamie and her inability to move on from this is so tangible you just want to lean over and hug her.

* The Music

Truly wonderful – from the back ground music through to the moments that Jamie & Nina sing together, the tone of the film is portrayed perfectly. And it got me listening to Bach.

* Titus

He arrives on Nina’s doorstep late one night and declares “I make decision, we go to Paris, make love for one week”, and produces two tickets – I just want to squeeze his cheeks, the wee sweetheart!

* The Gaggle of Ghosts

They sit up all night watching classic movies and discussing philosophy. As background characters they are really entrancing.

Truly Madly Deeply - goodbye ghosts

* Juliet Stevenson

In a way the character of Nina made it hard for me to find someone to share my life with, as the example set by the way she loves – so very intense and whole – left me wanting this and nothing less.  I know movies aren’t real, but this is very much how I wanted true, deep love to be.

juliet* Alan Rickman

I just love everything he does, what a great actor. This role is certainly a little left-of-centre for him, and the moustache is a little on the naff side, but he’s marvellous none the less.

Truly Madly Deeply - Alan Rickman as Jamie

If you get the chance do watch it – I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.



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