walking in the wild

Orokonui January 2016 1

Bellbird in Flax

Orokonui January 2016 2

Otago Skink warming on a rock

Orokonui January 2016 4

view across to Doctors Point

Orokonui January 2016 3

Flax flowers

Orokonui January 2016 5

Manuka Flowers

Orokonui January 2016 6

the tip of the visitor Centre overlooking Doctors Point

well a controlled version of the wild that is. Although I have a couple of weeks off from work it is currently occupied with days filled with finishing off our wee cottage ready for selling next month. The list was long and is, I am proud to say, looking really quite short now, but it’s been hard work and has not left much time for anything but renovation. Today however I have thrown the paint brush and tools aside and taken a well deserved day off, and as we so often do with our down time, we headed out to walk hills and photograph New Zealand native flora and fauna. An afternoon spent at Orokonui Ecosanctuary, most definitely a favourite place for us.

Happy weekend to you all – I hope you have had some down time too x

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Oh Mr Bowie x

David Bowie in Paris 1972 by Peter Doggett







David_Bowie with Iggy Pop and Lou Reed 1972 via hollywoodreporter

David Bowie in 1973

David Bowie via Hypebeast

David Bowie as Thin White Duke 1976


David-Bowie Serious Moonlight 1983

David Bowie and Iman via theredlist

What do you say when the Forever Man passes away? This is something that has been so hard to believe, so hard to grasp, and so powerfully sad. The world seemed to reel when it was announced that David Bowie had passed away, it was so sudden, the shock wave was huge. I opened my Facebook feed to find it completely dominated by posts of shock, distress, and disbelief, and I was soon to join them. I wrote I am so so saddened – I have loved this man forever, and it’s true. As 13 year old girls my friends and I fell deeply in love with this beautiful man, we knew all the words to Let’s Dance, Modern Love and China Girl. We owned the Greatest Hits albums, and would sing along to them at any given opportunity, preferably as loudly as possible. My first ever live gig was David Bowie during his Serious Moonlight tour at Athletic Park in Wellington – it was so windy that they couldn’t put the entire set out, but I can tell you that I remember every single possible detail of that concert and still have the concert book. So many of my memories are tied into David Bowie. I spent that first night after hearing the news playing a variety of favourite songs on YouTube, crying, and trying to understand that there was going to be no more of this beautiful, soulful voice. This is one of my very favourite songs, from one of my very favourite albums Station to Station

Over the past few days I have been listening to playlist after playlist, album after album, marvelling at the bountiful and varied body of work he has left behind. I bought the new album Blackstar and have been listening to it in the car, on loud – it is hauntingly beautiful. I think this tweet from @JesuisDean sums it up nicely – and has helped to remind me not to be sad that he is gone, but to be happy that he was here at all.

Thank you for everything Mr Bowie x

If you’re ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.

David Bowie by Jimmy King


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and to end..


… we spent our day at Warrington Beach, reading, eating pikelets, staring into rock pools, throwing sticks for the dog, it was wonderful and very much needed. It’s been quite a year, full of ups and downs, but then I guess that is the definition of life really. I am not one for resolutions, but am hoping for a shift in the way life is lived around here. More days like today are a good start. Happy New Year to you all – may 2016 be filled with love and life, and of course adventure.

Joanna x

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peace and quiet 

I how you all have had a wonderful Christmas Day – we have spent the afternoon at a beautiful local beach, sitting under an umbrella reading and enjoying the peace and quiet. Merry Christmas dear readers xx

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Christmas Arts & Craft Bazaar

little minx Christmas Bunting

little minx Christmas Bunting

little minx Christmas Decorations 1

little minx Christmas Decorations

little minx Christmas Decorations 3

little minx Christmas Decorations

Tomorrow I will be selling at the Christmas Arts & Craft Bazaar organised by the wonderful group Northern Artery. There is a fabulous list of makers, that includes the likes of Tinker and Little Moon DesignsIt’s always a great fun day out, so if you are local to Dunedin head on down between 10 and 3pm tomorrow at Nga Maara Hall on North Rd (see map below).

2015 bazaar poster

Nga Maara Hall Sacred Heart

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Instagram – November 2015







This months Instagram I challenged myself to a month of black and white – I’m rather fond of the outcome. If you are on Instagram you can check my feed here.

Joanna x

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Triangles 1

triangles 2

Triangles 3

Triangles 4

It’s been a weekend full of triangles. After a few requests for my Christmas Bunting I have spent the past week making some up for my shop, and also for the upcoming Northern Artery Christmas Market. These new ones are quite different from past Buntings – where in the past I have usually gone towards an organised pattern of 5 bunting triangles repeated 3 times, this time I went more towards a repeat of colours so that each bunting has a lot more variety, pattern, and colour. I also have a lot of bits left over from the seasonal fabrics, and so have been playing around with Christmas decoration ideas to use them up, and have come up with these wee stuffed ornaments. They’re fun to make, pretty quick and easy, and I think will make a nice addition to my market table, as well as sweet gifts for family and friends. Next Mia was invited to a birthday party , so that called for more bunting as a gift, based on the birthday girls instructions of bright colours and a favourite of pink (with a little vintage embroidery thrown in for fun). Triangles, triangles, triangles..

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