a little stitching and housekeeping

little minx iPad cover

little minx coin purse & zip wallet

little minx zip wallet

It’s been a bit of a naughty weekend – I haven’t done a thing I am supposed to (again), but rather spent the weekend largely at the sewing machine (joy!). It was time for a little housekeeping stitching. Both Simon and I have wallets that were looking worse for wear so I made us both new ones. For mine I used one of my current favourite fabrics – the wee orange based floral on black. It wasn’t until after I had made the wallet up that I realised this is the same fabric I put in some of the couch cushions, you’d think I would have realised that straight away! I also started working on a new bag design, but haven’t quite finished it yet as I work out how the details in my mind will work in reality. Next weekend for that one. I did, however, finally make the iPad cover I have been wanting to try for some time now – I’m rather pleased with it, though I have to say that sewing a zip around a corner may now be my least favourite thing. I hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend – hasn’t it been lovely and warm here in New Zealand?

spending time the proper way




Today I intended to crack on with the painting, but after spending a little time this morning listening to TED Talks about the device age and human connection I decided to spend the day properly with my children. We turned all the screens off and, given 3 choices, chose the local pool. An hour and a half later both kids were still playing happily with each other, making jokes, splashing around, all with me poolside with a big smile on my face. How easy it is to forget to spend that precious spare time in this way. When we got home I took Mia into the studio, and finally gave her that long-ago promised first lesson in how to sew. She is really thrilled with the bookmark she made, and it was just delightful to hear her prattle on about all the things she could make now. Happy Sunday to you x

for the dolls

Mia playing with the Dolls House

a selection of fabric and vintage trim

new rug for the Dolls House lounge

new rug for the kitchen and lounge

With so much to do getting the house ready to sell its extremely hard to take any time to do something just because you want to. Today I watched Mia playing with the Dolls House, and decided it wouldn’t take a lot of time to make a little new flooring for it. This Dolls House is a very special piece of play equipment – made by my Grandfather for my Mother when she was a girl, it has since been passed through me, then my sister, and now to Mia, and I’m sure will continue to be passed down through generations. It’s beautifully made, and filled with patterns and colours and certain styles that evoke the 50s. I dream of taking time to do it up, it’s looking a little shabby around the edges, but for now new rugs for the downstairs will have to do.

these days

these days 1

these days 2

these days 3

There is one thing that can be clearly stated about full time work, and that is that weekend hours are precious, long, and luxurious. Love them! Today we have truly mucked about – the morning spent poring over favourite magazines over a cup of tea while both children pottered over their favourite activities. Then a trip into town, and while Mia did Ballet I re-enrolled Reuben in Hip Hop. Next to our favourite Op Shop, where Mia filled a bag with new goodies and Reuben found a trilogy he had been hoping to read. Home to play with our ‘new’ things, while I picked weeds out of the front garden. Oh, these days, just that little bit wonderful x

and then the sun came out..

Moeraki - then the sun came outMoeraki - Reuben off for a swim

For the first four days of our holiday in Moeraki we had a fair amount of gray and overcast – it wasn’t horrid weather, it just wasn’t the stunning sunshine and blue skies Moeraki can put on. Then we woke up on day 5, and the sun had well and truly come out..

Moeraki - then the sun came out

I have done a little more catch up on my Blogging University tasks – I have played with new themesupdated my About page, changed my header using the simple instructions and Picmonkey (I will admit to being more than a bit chuffed with it!), and read and commented on four blogs I have never commented on before.

  1. Draw and Shoot – stunning images!
  2. The World in Black and White – I love this view of the world
  3. Motivating Giraffe – just freakin awesome!
  4. Inara’s Clothes and Costumes – this woman makes some extraordinary and really beautiful clothing

I’m still behind, but getting there – and boy is this fun! I’m embarrassed to say my About page was originally written in March 2009 when I first started this blog and haven’t looked at since! Thank goodness for Blogging University hey!

Hey there Dream Reader

This is a challenge set from Blogging University – Write to your Dream Reader – the brief is simple ‘We often create posts hoping that someone in particular will see (and appreciate) our work – publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.” Hmm… for me that was a real thinker, and when I first read the challenge I backed away from it slightly. To be honest with you I have always written really only for myself, not in a selfish way, but because I do not want what I write to be affected at all by considering how others may perceive what I have said. I read a few other Blogging University entries for this, and they are as far spreading as writing to a fictional person, writing to a historical character, or writing to your future self.

my Dream Reader - Blogging101If you asked me who I would like to read my blog the answer would be some of the people I admire the most – and it’s these people I thought I would write about. I am lucky to have met and be surrounded by some of the most inspiring people – I really don’t know what I have done to deserve them, but goddamn I’m happy they’re here. I’m talking about people that I look at with a sense of awe – at their achievements, at their strength, at their unique, soulful, centred outlook on the world. When I round up in my mind the essential few that really rock my world, I find that they are all women, and largely ones I am blessed to be related to. I don’t want to name anyone, I just want to speak of what I see when I look at these people… there’s always the chance they may read this and recognise themselves anyway. To each I write a short letter.

  • To NH – your strength, your artistry, your vision, your poise, your taste, your approach to the world, your incredible beauty. You blow my mind, I have told you this before, the way you inspire me is so large it’s something I cannot quantify and have difficulties explaining. The amount of strength you possess- of character, of mind, of self – if the world was filled with phenomenal women like you it would be a place where everyone would simply be who they are, unerringly, and not strive to copy or emulate any others. Thank you for being the wonderfully unique and special person that you are.
  • To JH – the way you hold yourself in this world is unlike anyone I have ever known. You are solid and firm and aware of who you are, how you will be, what you want, and how you will achieve it. Your ability to be so much yourself inspires me like you couldn’t imagine – I have tried to tell you this, but fail with words. You are the kind of woman that people stop and look at as you walk into a room, you possess such a sense of Self. Everything you do you do as you wish, undeterred by the opinions of others, with an unyeilding sense of what you are wanting to achieve. You are the epitomy of how does she DO it – and I am so proud that  you are in my life.
  • JW – I have watched you fight for the best life possible for as long as I have known you with such an incredibly positive approach and unshakeable belief that, for you, it will all work out in the end – and it’s no surprise that this is exactly what has happened. When I am down on myself, feeling sorry for my situation, or being broody in any way I only need look at you to know that a persevering approach to life will bring about the best of what you can have. You live life with such an incrfedible positivity, always quick with a smile, always willing and ready to learn more, know more, share more, and give more. You are the most grounded person I think I have ever met, and every day you teach me more about attitude and mind-set. You truly have healing hands.
  • Lastly – the only person I will name – my Nanny. She is not on this earth any more, but the trail she left was so incredibly deep it still feels palpable. She loved, lived, and laughed like nobody I have ever known. Her approach to life was tirelessly happy, she walked with fairy dust falling from her fingers. To all she loved and who loved her so fiercely back, she was an angel. If there was any way I could be half the mother or grandmother she was I would know that I have achieved some kind of absolute.

These are my ideal readers – I would hope that if they were to read my words that I could maybe give them back a fraction of the enormous gift they have given me.