what do you want to be when you grow up?

I still cannot answer this question, can you? I spend a lot of time thinking about it, and probably always have. What will I do next? Why can’t I settle on just one idea? Why won’t I just pick something and strive forward with it? Pick something, pick something, pick something… but I just don’t. I spend more time thinking about my choices, wondering what it is I want to do.

I really don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and I think that’s part of the reason I continue to bumble along day after day, not making a decision, choosing to stay with the current situation until something booms at out me from the shadows as the oh-so-obvious choice. But then the question needs to be asked – will there ever be an obvious choice? I’m not getting any younger and I don’t seem to have ever been able to pick and commit to one true calling. As it stands my life has been about falling into things, and there I am, for now, until I do something else. I have always felt a sense of hopelessness towards myself for this direction-less stance I hold on life – other people know what they want to do, why don’t I? (often followed up by my mind screaming just bloody well PICK something!) Well what if it’s not that simple, and this lack of clear choice is just what I am bound to be in this life? And what if it wasn’t that bad a thing?

I just found this wonderful Ted Talk that delves into exactly that, and it feels somewhat refreshing to find that I am not the only person who doesn’t pick and stick to just one thing. This is not to say I think I’m brilliant at everything I do, but I do okay at my twists and turns in life (if I allow myself to pat myself on my back just that little bit). There will be the occasional fail, but largely, if I am honest, I have been happy with the places and skills I have fallen into, and yes, just as Emilie Wapnick says, I do get bored with things and I do move on to the next thing, and maybe that is not something I should give myself a hard time about, maybe that’s just who I am, and maybe that’s ok.

Emilie Wapnick

This is such a refreshing take, that you should pursue something just because it interests you, and that in the long term that can only add to your skill set. Looking back on my life so far almost everything I have done has become interconnected and led to the next stage, or even the stage after that, and maybe that’s just the way I am.. and more importantly, maybe that’s ok. The flip side to the coin is that I know people who have committed to one true calling only to find 20 years into it that it no longer fits, and this is where they change their life completely and do something that has nothing whatsoever to do with this past life. The more I think about it the more unnatural it seems to choose just one thing and stick with it – wouldn’t you get bored? Surely as you change in life so do your preferences and interests?

So I’m going to stop beating myself around about my lack of “true direction” – I think I’ll just accept that this is how I am and this is how I’ve always been. I’m going to do what Emilie Wapnick suggest, I’m going to embrace my inner wiring, after all it’s not done bad be me so far.

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Aesop’s Fables

Aesops Fables - The Cunning Cat and His Company

I don’t have the chance to browse Op Shops like I used to, and to be honest we are trying to get rid of excess rather than adding to it, but yesterday on a visit to my favourite second-hand heaven I found this wonderful copy of Aesop’s Fables from 1967.

Aesops Fables - The Fox and the Grapes

There is comfort in pretending that what we can’t get isn’t worth having

Aesops Fables - The Jacdaw's Fine Feathers

Be yourself. Fine feathers do not always make fine birds

Aesops Fables - The Miller, the Son, and the Donkey

He who tries to please everybody pleases nobody

I just love the illustrations in these – I remember books and greetings cards that were stylised in this way, they really do speak to an era.

Aesops Fables - The Lion's Share

Some people believe that Might makes Right

Aesops Fables - The Fox and the Grapes (detail)

“I really wasn’t very hungry,” he said, to console himself. “Besides, I’m sure those grapes are sour.”

Aesops Fables - The Cat and the Mice

It is easier to think up a plan than to carry it out

Such gorgeous use of colour and bold design style – I found it hard to pick which pictures to show you without photographing the entire book, don’t you think they’re just wonderful! And who can resist a rabbit holding a sign that reads We want justice and Dessert.

Aesops Fables - The Lions and the Hares

First published 1965, second impression 1967. Selected and Adapted by Louis Untermeyer. Pictures by A. and M.Provensen

Actions speak louder than words

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sunny day wanderings

Port Chalmers Town Belt

Darwins Barberry - Port Chalmers Town Belt

Otago Harbour - Port Chalmers Town Belt

Today has been a very lazy Sunday – but with the weather as beautiful and sunny as it has been there were no excuses to not get out in it. Plans were made, messed with, and then changed, until eventually we decided to do a local walk rather than driving somewhere. We walked up past Iona Church into the Port Chalmers Town Belt, a walk that takes you to the top of the hill overlooking Port Chalmers and Otago Harbour. The views are amazing, we live in such a beautiful part of the world, it never fails to take my breath away. I hope you had a lovely, relaxed Sunday too.

Joanna x

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Instagram – September 2015

Spring - little minx on Instagram

spring is stretched-out-finger-tips close..

Rolling Stones - little minx on Instagram

Rolling Stones ‘Beggars Banquet’ DECCA Long Playing Unbreakable Microgroove, made in New Zealand… I need not say more 💙

for what it's worth - little minx on Instagram

thinking a lot about change & inspiration at the moment, and this piece of wonderful popped up on my Instagram feed

Party Favour Boxes - little minx on Instagram

Party Favour Boxes done.. check 🎉

Orokonui - little minx on Instagram

how do you bush walk? Why you skip of course!

black and white - little minx on Instagram

you would think this was black and white..

A few moments from this month on my Instagram account – if you are on Instagram you can follow me here

Joanna x

all photo’s taken on an iPhone 5

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loving right now..

loving by little minx

There have been a lot of things going on in my life in the past year, with some rather large changes that have had a huge affect on the way I think and live my life. I look at this as a work in progress, and as part of this progress am consciously choosing to fill myself up with things that make me think and inspire me. I thought I would share some of the things that I am loving right now.

  • I have been reading Revolution by Russell Brand – it’s a rather insane book that reads at a breakneck pace, constantly changes direction, and spurts ideas at you at a mile a minute. Basically it’s Russell Brand on paper, and that’s part of the reason I like it, it has a fabulous energy. I enjoyed the first chapter so much I thought I must buy this so I can underline some of these points. To simplify the idea behind his discussion, the world as we know it no longer works, capitalism has taken over but is destroying the potential balance we could have – we all know that there are enough resources to feed the world, but due to money we do not distribute them evenly. He argues that we all need to rethink what we prioritise and find important, especially the importance we put on money, status, and materialism. A couple of examples of insane wealth distribution that really shocked me – in Britain the richest 1 percent of people have as much money as the poorest 55 percent, and even more weight tippngly crazy the 6 heirs to America’s Walmart have as much money as the poorest 30 percent of Americans.
  • I have been listening a lot lately to The Robcast by Rob Bell. This is a spirituality based podcast, focusing on life choices and guidance, and I find his speaking incredibly inspiring and moving. For me the subjects he chooses to speak on are really on topic, and a healthy approach in a busy modern world – like this talk on our unhealthy relationships with our mobile phones, and this one that talks of coping when life seems to be hitting you just a bit harder than usual.
  • Simon and I have been watching Orpan Black. This is a clever, face paced, well written, and fantastically well acted Canadian/BBC sci-fi/thriller/drama. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, it’s incredibly unique. I think we whizzed through 3 seasons in about 6 weeks, and the nightly call was often do we have time for just one more? It rates 8.4/10 on IMDB, need I say more.
  • Spotify have given out a free 60 day trial which we have been thoroughly enjoying in our home. I am rather liking the control it allows you, and must admit I didn’t expect it to make that much difference but it has. It has also given me the chance to listen to this wonderful piece by Unknown Mortal Orchestra which a friend recommended and I just adore, as well as this slice of gorgeousness from MS MR

and last but not least, a few favourite internet spots I like to go for inspiration….

  • This is one of my favourite life-style blogs from Elise Blaha Cripe. I find Elise really inspiring on many levels – she creates, she reads, she parents, she designs, and she runs an extremely successful small business. This blog is a great balance of ideas and a life well lived.
  • I really enjoy reading about the life and thinking of Hello Lunch Lady… and this amazing looking Lemon & Chia cake is on my must make list.
  • During a recent search for health and well-being foodie blogs I found this incredible vegetarian recipe and life-style site that makes you want to lick your computer screen it’s so well presented. Hello super yummy, here I come!

So those are my current go-to places – I hope you find something that you may like in this list.

Joanna x

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a new rabbit

a new rabbit - little minx

When I first started making things on this journey that became little minx the blog, and then little minx the label, one thing I used to make a lot was rabbits. I had a cute wee pattern that I had designed with long skinny legs, a smiling face, big floppy ears, and a triangular shaped body – you can see a few examples here. Well it’s been quite a few years since I have made one of those (where has the time gone!), but with a family member laid up for a bit I thought it was time to design a new soft toy, and came up with this new rabbit. It’s kind of weird, but I rather like it. I hope the new recipients do too!

a new little minx rabbit - detail

a new little minx rabbit - detail

Thank you to all of you who have shopped at the little minx SALE – sale ends tomorrow night in the little minx shop – 50% off storewide!

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Spring Sale!

little minx Spring Sale!

It’s official, jump about and make squee noises, SPRING is here! To celebrate I am having a SALE in the little minx shop and am offering a huge 50% OFF STOREWIDE! Head to the shop, have a nuzzle around, pick some vintage wonderfulness, and on checkout enter the code SPRING2015 for your discount… sale runs from September 1st to 7th 2015

Where do I go? To the little minx shop

Then what? Pick your face vintage piece and enter SPRING2015 on checkout to get your 50% OFF

What happens next? You can sit back knowing that you not only supported a small business that exists to re-use, upcycle and recycle beautiful vintage pieces, but that it’s all handmade with love! Yippee! And thank you. Happy shopping x

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