Karitane inlet

Karitane - the "seaweed beach"

Karitane - sunrise

Karitane - searching for crabs

Friends have bought a holiday home in Karitane – aren’t we lucky to have friends such as these. Karitane is a bit of a favourite spot to visit, it has everything you could want from a seaside village – beaches, rivers, an inlet perfect for fishing, and rocks to turn over and find crabs. Another example of why New Zealand is such a wonderful place to bring children up.

not long now

not long now 1

not long now 2

not long now 3

The days are really rather refusing to get colder this year, though the trees would beg to differ as they turn their leaves autumnal reds and yellows. We have had a weekend of warm weather, moody skies, and a little rain – all very odd for autumn in Dunedin, though no complaints here.

Not long now – four days of school and work and we are into Easter and the School Holidays begin (how can this be already!). The last weekend is inevitably filled with parent watching at Ballet and trials for the soccer team, and then on to a break from them all. I hope you have a lovely short week xx

quiet Sundays

quiet sundays - Orokonui Ecosanctuary

quiet sundays - 2 Tui and a Kaka - Orokonui Ecosanctuary

quiet sundays - Orokonui Ecosanctuary - Kanuka

quiet sundays - view from Orokonui Ecosanctuary

It’s been a lovely weekend – lots achieved, and enough of just bumbling along to make it feel like a complete break. Today we had nowhere we needed to be, so we walked in the beautiful native bush at Orokonui Ecosanctuary. I will never stop loving the deep greens and smoky blues of New Zealand, they leave me breathless. And to top off our experience, we were blessed with a close up viewing of the amazing Kaka – flying, climbing and eating – not once but twice! Happy Sunday to you x

a little stitching and housekeeping

little minx iPad cover

little minx coin purse & zip wallet

little minx zip wallet

It’s been a bit of a naughty weekend – I haven’t done a thing I am supposed to (again), but rather spent the weekend largely at the sewing machine (joy!). It was time for a little housekeeping stitching. Both Simon and I have wallets that were looking worse for wear so I made us both new ones. For mine I used one of my current favourite fabrics – the wee orange based floral on black. It wasn’t until after I had made the wallet up that I realised this is the same fabric I put in some of the couch cushions, you’d think I would have realised that straight away! I also started working on a new bag design, but haven’t quite finished it yet as I work out how the details in my mind will work in reality. Next weekend for that one. I did, however, finally make the iPad cover I have been wanting to try for some time now – I’m rather pleased with it, though I have to say that sewing a zip around a corner may now be my least favourite thing. I hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend – hasn’t it been lovely and warm here in New Zealand?

spending time the proper way




Today I intended to crack on with the painting, but after spending a little time this morning listening to TED Talks about the device age and human connection I decided to spend the day properly with my children. We turned all the screens off and, given 3 choices, chose the local pool. An hour and a half later both kids were still playing happily with each other, making jokes, splashing around, all with me poolside with a big smile on my face. How easy it is to forget to spend that precious spare time in this way. When we got home I took Mia into the studio, and finally gave her that long-ago promised first lesson in how to sew. She is really thrilled with the bookmark she made, and it was just delightful to hear her prattle on about all the things she could make now. Happy Sunday to you x