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Christchurch - Orana ParkChristchurch - Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Clock TowerChristchurch - Poppies in Victoria SquareChristchurch - former fountain, Victoria SquareChristchurch - Installation artChristchurch - giant chair installation

After a friend shared some photo’s recently of a weekend spent away with her daughter, Mia and I decided to directly steal this idea and planned a trip, just the two of us, to Christchurch. We created an enormous playlist on Spotify for the trip, 105 songs for the big drive there and back, which pretty much had us singing the whole way. With stops in a few small towns to check out Op Shops, have a snack, and chat with the locals, we are now convinced that Temuka is our new favourite town. So with just four days to ourselves we planned zoo visits, shopping trips, dinners out, and a little wandering around to just soak in the sites. Christchurch has obviously been through a lot since the earthquakes in 2011, and the last time I was there the entire central town area was blocked off with much demolition and building going on. You can now get into the centre, and it’s heartening to see the progress and re-build that has been achieved so far. There is interactive installation art dotted all over the place which, when I mentioned this on social media, a Christchurch based friend replied and next time you come it will be different again!  Wonderful.

Mia and I have decided to make this girls weekend a yearly thing – and have named it Mamma-Mia. It was a wonderful time for us both – time spent just being together with no other distractions to shift our focus. What shall we do with our time next year I wonder?

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