Hello and welcome to little minx. My name is Joanna, I live in a very vintage cottage overlooking the ocean in Dunedin, New Zealand, with my husband, two children, a dog called Max, and our two cats Oscar & Toot. Back in March 2009 I finally took a leap and started the blog I had been wanting to create for ages. I wrote the following introduction;

I am attempting to slow down, exhale, appreciate the little things. So, I cuddle my children, bake bread, read books, listen to Bob Dylan, sew a lot, make biscuits, pat the cat, tell the people that I love that I love them, smile at people I don’t know, go to the library, walk, try to do a little less housework.

It is now September 2015, nearly 6 years later, and I have been thinking a lot about my blog, it’s look and feel, and what I would like it to be and represent, and maybe do some new things with it. Looking back on what I wrote so long ago brings back such memories of how my life was, and how much it has changed. Back then my son was 8 and my daughter was only 2, and life was about the home and parenting. Did I achieve slowing down? I did not. I have, however, learned that I am just not the kind of person who slows down – I do stuff, a lot of stuff, all of the time. I am happy when I am busy. I still dream of a sense of slowness, but always seem to have just one more thing to do before I sit down.

This blog has evolved as my children have grown, our lives have changed, and I have changed to fit with the constant shift of family life. Now that I have started working full time I have a lot less time, and struggle with fitting in creativity. In the past I have been lucky to have a life blessed with time to sew, dream, and create. Life is now fairly crazy – and my focus, and this blogs focus, is to keep some semblance of sanity in a busy life, and to try and maintain some balance. I hope you find something here that inspires or helps you.

Joanna xx

9 Responses to About

  1. jan houghton says:

    hey jo —– this is so good, i’m so taken, so impressed, clever, wee thing, you have done well, i look forward to more, “blog” is that what it’ called? anyway it’s fantastic, the photos are great, very very artistic, well put together, the wording, is magic, very very well worded, its just so good, i’m really quiet taken back, so excited, i look forward, the the next, “blog” news.
    take care,
    love you,
    proud of you

  2. helen says:

    Hi, I have just spied your bags on FELT, OMG I absolutely adore them, you are very clever, I wish you lived close by me, you look like your house is filled with all the things that are in my house…LOL, I adore the cups and saucers you have on your blog, Im not sure if its an age thing, but I have a real love of old china lately…. Love your bags anyway, I know where I am xmas shopping now, I just have to work out who to buy for. Helen

  3. shelley says:

    You are my inspiration on living life!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you just wrote above about slowing down.. I am attempting to do the same thing but i must admit not doing so as gracefully as you do lovely xxx

  4. roootreee says:

    Hiya, please receive my nomination for One Lovely Blog Award as I like your blog! http://roootreee.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/one-lovely-blog-award/ Thanks! 🙂

  5. Leanne says:

    Just found you through an Instagram picture of all things, but actually, your blog is really lovely and I feel drawn to it so now you have a new follower. Looking forward to reading more.

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