Feeling Lucky

Christmas 2008 I said aloud “I would like to make bags and sell them on the internet”. October 2009 I finally joined Felt and, really, it has all been uphill since then. I would just like to say that I am grateful, completely and utterly, overwhelmingly and totally, for the way things seem to have gone since then and for all involved in helping me along my pottering way. I count myself humble when I look around and see where I am right now. No way in hang could I have done any of this alone, in fact the support I have received from family and friends has been just beyond incredible, I don’t know how to quantify it, but man do I feel lucky. I am close to reaching 100 sales in my Felt shop, I have been accepted into Craft 2.0 at the Dowse in Wellington, I have my first stockist Oyster, I have been asked if I would like to be a Featured Seller on Felt, and my beautiful friend Elwyn spent an overcast morning at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens sporting bags for me so that I could create a little minx look. You’d count yourself lucky too.

Time to share – I am doing a giveaway, a rather serious and yet celebratory giveaway. I would just like to say a huge thank you to the people who are there for me, family and friends, and so am giving away the bag that appears in the new look little minx. I have been thinking a lot about blogs and the nature of them, so to enter I ask you to think a bit about blogs and why they are what they are. Why do you read blogs? If you blog, why? What did we do before blogs? If you blog, do you reveal yourself? I look forward to your answers, and would like to say  (another) thank you, gosh I feel like a lucky gal x

Giveaway entries close on Saturday April 23rd, the same day I will be at my first Craft 2.0.

Felt Like Helping Out

As a lot of you will know Christchurch was hit by an enormous 7.4 on the Richter earthquake on September 4th at 4.35am. A quake so big that it made it’s way all the way down to Dunedin merely a minute later, and had me standing under a doorway with Mia in my arms waiting for the house to stop rocking. Nothing at all compared to what they are going through in Christchurch with, so far, over 400 aftershocks, some going over 5 on the Richter scale. Having grown up in Wellington, earthquakes are something I am uncomfortably familiar with (and do not miss).

Felt...like helping out
So, Felt like helping out? Some wonderful lassies at Felt have created a blog and Shop for Felt members to donate handmade items to sell, all to go directly to the good cause of helping the people of Christchurch rebuild their lives. It’s amazing how many crafters have donated so far, a huge amount. Below is my effort, should you feel the need to go shopping and want to have that “oh so fabulously I’ve-been-part-of-helping” feeling then this is where you need to be. And Sarah & Ana – you rock.

A Craft Affair

What a whirlwind few days! Up to Christchurch on Thursday afternoon, which was kinda nice to actually just say “no more” to the hum of the sewing machine and “away you go” (admittedly after slipping in 2 more bags and some pencil cases).  Driving from the airport we passed a bus shelter with an enormous A Craft Affair poster in it, panic started about then. To the hotel, pizza, gin & tonic, stitch up all those wee openings that still needed doing, and some much needed time with my wonderful mother who had flown all the way from Australia to support me. I have to say, support and love would have to be the two biggest memories of my first really serious craft fair.

To call A Craft Affair serious almost undermines how truly amazing it was. So beautifully organised by Lucy from Felt, what a lovely and talented woman. Every aspect of the fair was so well thought out, right down to emails suggesting float amounts and car parking, every time I opened an email from her I would smile and feel amazed at how she had thought of literally everything. Thank you Lucy.

The building Our City – O Tautahi is just beautiful, what a lovely warm, open space. We set up the night before which was just fantastic, with my helpers (Mum and Reuben) assembling my rickety clothes rack on wheels.  After 6 weeks of solid work it did feel a bit odd to actually walk away leaving all that work there for the next day, but at least it was ready and Saturday night spent knowing that all was prepared for tomorrow and no more could be done.

We got there the next day just before 10am, and the place was buzzing with people setting up, with bloggers and photographers everywhere, what a fantastic feeling there was. Some final tidying and tag-tying, the chance to meet a few people (but not enough of them!) like Sarah from Songbird Designs (and I never got upstairs to meet Cat Taylor, damn!), Elisabeth from The Sewphist, Elizabeth from  Zippity-Doo-Dah, and Brenda of Natural Star. Lots of good intentions to get around later didn’t happen as it was just so busy, with hundreds and hundreds of people attending. My mother walked out then came back to tell us all that there were a couple of hundred people outside waiting to be let in, to be shortly followed by Lucy announcing “2 minutes till the doors open”. Yep, I was definitely feeling sick then! But, what a day, smile fixated on face, and a constant stream of shoppers and on-lookers, all with wonderful comments to pass on.  What an amazing experience this has been. Admittedly I felt like a deflated balloon for the next 24 hours, but the nice Air NZ pilot decided to fly into Dunedin with a quick pass over the Peninsula, Long Beach, and Purakanui, which I’m sure was just for me.

Now, to read long overdue books to kids…

Some more blogs about A Craft Affair – Lil Magoolie, Songbird Designs, Rose in Thorns, Relique, and Cat Taylor.

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone for all of the love and support, family and friends. I couldn’t have got there without you all.