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Tomorrow we have our Midwinter Solstice at Purakanui, a yearly event that we truly look forward to. As there are fundamentally two branches of family in Simons family, each Christmas a list is drawn up and we all give just one … Continue reading

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Solstice (a few days after)

Today we celebrated the Winter Solstice at Ross and Barbara’s home in Purakanui.  A lovely lovely day of family, food, and laughter. It is always such a joy to visit there, and the welcome always so warm. Watching lots of … Continue reading

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Pause before returning

“solstice n 1. either time (summer, winter, about 21 June, 22 Dec.) at which sun is farthest from equator and appears to pause before returning” A rather poetic description for a dictionary, wouldn’t you say. It’s not June 21st, but … Continue reading

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