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This morning – coffee on the verandah, sitting in dappled light reading my new book Villa. Birds are chattering, Tui’s are fluttering past and singing their showy songs, the city hums softly in the background, the dog hangs out at … Continue reading

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getting sidetracked

There are many things diverting my attention from what I should be doing with my time, but I would have to say that the activity that is the most fun is Instagram. Having been lucky enough to have been given … Continue reading

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What are we going to do Today?

The school holidays have begun, and already we have the daily question “what are we doing today?” I took the kids over the hill to Doctors Point Beach, a wonderfully remote beach that is really busy in the weekends, but … Continue reading

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The Seasider

At the moment I am busily making an order for a new stockist, which has been keeping me occupied for the last week or so. It’s all rather exciting, I will let you know all about it next week when … Continue reading

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The First Day of Winter

Today is a bit special around here – it’s the first day of winter, and the 4th anniversary of buying our wee cottage on the hill and our move back home to Dunedin to stay. Four years, oh my! It … Continue reading

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Pixie Town

Yesterday was spent with some beloved friends, while the kids played in the park and kicked a soccer ball around we sat, talked, and picniced. It’s at times like that I feel so very lucky to have people such as … Continue reading

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Don’t tell the plants it’s winter

The last day of the school holidays, where has the time gone? After a stint at the 10am movies to see the most recent Shrek movie, the rest of the day was spent at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. There is … Continue reading

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