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Ross Creek 1

Ross Creek 2

Ross Creek 3

Reuben is away at school camp at Mount Aspiring – how lucky is he! – so we currently have a slightly quieter house at the moment. There have been open homes to vacate the house for, so Mia and I have spent the weekend doing lots of little things that in hindsight have added up to rather a lot. We have made pizza, eaten ice cream, watched Roman Holiday (which, once she got over complaining that it was in black and white, she thoroughly enjoyed), danced to the music from Teen Beach Movie, created exciting superhero versions of ourselves whilst still wearing pyjamas and drinking tea from bone china tea-sets (Mia is Black Tiger), gone on an exploring and walking tour of Ross Creek, and started reading a new book together. Phew! I also had a go at my first attempt to make a simple sewn book using this tutorial – it was extremely easy, and I will definitely be playing with making some more. I hope you had a productive weekend filled with fun too x

P.S If you would like to have a peek around the home that you have seen flashes of over the past 8 years fee free to check out the photos here

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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