on the up

Harbour Cone March 2015 1

Harbour Cone March 2015 2

Harbour Cone March 2015 3

Harbour Cone March 2015 4

Harbour Cone March 2015 5

Harbour Cone March 2015 6

For the first time in what feels like FOREVER we have had a Sunday with me free to just do whatever we want to do. What did we want to do? Climb a hill of course! More specifically Harbour Cone, which if you are local to Dunedin you will know that calling this a hill is quite the impressive understatement. It’s wild and woolly, beautiful and challenging, breathtaking at every turn.

We turned up at the bottom of the Bacon Track to find many cars, and a table set up with information and a sign-up form – it would seem  we have picked a day where the walk has been advertised, organised, and occupied with volunteers ready to guide. After listening to an explanation of the area, and politely declining the sign-up, we found the area we thought we knew quite well had been marked and sign-posted with various tracks, and we took a different route. Two hours of walking later and we are so happy to have tried something different – finding information along the way about farms that had been initially established in the mid 1800s, views we had not previously quite understood, and parts of volcanoes we did not know we were standing on.  Fantastic effort Hereweka, we are so glad we chose to be there today.

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4 Responses to on the up

  1. Louise says:

    Gorgeous landscape and beautiful words, what a treasure trove of memories you have stored here to look back on. Amazing for your children! ❤

  2. So pretty! I love the scenery! Magical for certain!

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