making 1Do you ever have one of those days when it’s your weekend and all you want is for it to rain so you can comfortably stay inside, no guilt at all, and do indoorsy things all day long? My Sunday was a bit like that – the forecast was for rain and I thought great, I’m going to make and create. However it didn’t rain, there was a slight amount of drizzle, but nothing serious, and then the sun came out! Too late for me though, I had already made up my mind- Sunday was going to be an indoorsy day!

making 2

So I made and created – hooray. I finally made this Lemon & Chia Cake from Lunchlady and it is a complete hit with everyone (I also just love any excuse to wander through her blog, it is SO cute!). I also rustled up some Double Chocolate Coconut Biscuits from a baking book I bought a few months ago, and these have also proven to be popular, chewy and chocolate-y – how can you go wrong! And then I made Chelsea Winters Vegetable and Herb Quiche from the Everyday Delicious cookbook… not only was it rather a bit fabulous, it had me making my first ever proper pastry! Yep – Sunday I was a Kitchen Whizz-Kid.

making 3

There have been a few requests of late for my Christmas Bunting – each year I wonder if I should make some, and invariably each year I get messages asking for it which answer that question pretty promptly. Saturday the kids had quite a few hours of dance classes so I headed to the fabric store and chose some new pieces – of course when I got home and had a proper look at my fabric stash it would seem that I still had quite a lot left from last year, but that’s ok, it just means I will be making more than originally intended… and I now have some burning ideas for making some decorations with the scraps while I’m at it… so some cutting was done the following day, in between baking and cooking, and by the end of the day I had a family with happy, full tummies, a pantry full of baking, and rather a lot of Bunting on it’s way to being made up. Yep, happiness is making x

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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