tidying - Moeraki Beach 2015

tidying - old pier, Moeraki

tidying - Moeraki, looking out to sea

tidying - Moeraki, Max in the ocean

tidying - Moeraki, Katiki Point Reserve

I don’t really have much to report from this weekend as, so far, it has been largely consumed with finally tackling the enormous job of tidying my photo files on my computer. Sounds like fun right? Yeah, nah. I am ashamed of just how messy my pics have become. It seems to have been a few years since I properly organised, isn’t that terrible, and that has created quite the problem when it comes to finding things. To my credit I am good at creating and organising folders when I first remove photos from my camera, and usually will make sure the files have been re-named so they don’t just read like a date, but what I haven’t been doing is sorting them into months and years. Add to that downloading all of the images from my iPhone and we have a seriously messy problem. Being that I use my phone to take pictures almost daily it doesn’t take too much thinking to understand how many separate files we are talking about… yep, it’s hundreds… and  a majority of them are helpfully called “Joanna’s iPhone”. The new Windows programme, as much as I love it, no longer clumps everything into months, but rather is date driven… I certainly had a false sense of security with the old style!

You may ask what brought on this sudden need to create some order in this chaos? Well it was Snapfish, one of my favourite sites for printing. They are having a pre-Christmas sale of buy-one-get-two-free on calenders, so I can make one for us then maybe a couple of gifts too. Apart from the occasional year where a Dear Colleen calender is just too good to resist, I usually make a personalised one using Snapfish and the photo’s I have taken of our family over the past year. The programme is easy to use, has great layouts, and the end result is a beautifully printed piece on firm, high-quality card stock. So I thought I would whip one up this weekend, not thinking about how arduous the task of actually finding my favourite photo’s would be. Ah well, whatever gets me finally doing it, and it is rather a fun journey on the plus side. Maybe this will teach me to be more diligent in future.

As a side note, if you are New Zealand based Snapfish are currently developing a new site and also have an app for your iPad or iPhone, and if you choose to download it now you get 50 free prints a month for a year, all you have to pay for is postage! I am guilty of taking hundreds of photos and never printing them, so this will hopefully get me started… now where did I file the photo’s from Wellington…

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