Buttars Peak

Buttars Peak track

on the way up to Buttars Peak looking back over Otago Harbour entrance

Buttars Peak

Buttars Peak - native flora

We have a long weekend here and, with the usual long list of things we should be doing, the most obvious option was selected and we have instead walked up a hill. I mean really, when given the choice between housework or trawling through native bush, what was the most likely outcome!

We headed to one of our favourite Dunedin day walks – the Organ Pipes track, and then on to Buttars Peak. This walk is just the best, it has everything from constantly changing layers in flora, the amazing Organ Pipes, and then to top it all off the stunning view you get once you have scrambled up the rock-side of Buttars Peak. Another beautiful day here in Dunedin, we packed a lunch of soft boiled eggs and pikelets and jam and got lost in our little piece of paradise for the afternoon. A few aching muscles later, but a very tired and contented family at the end of the day. We can always do housework tomorrow right..

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