Wellington Harbour - a stunning day!

Mia at the Giant Squid exhibition at Te Papa

Gallipolli - The Scale of Our War at Te Papa

Cuba Street

Mia at the Bucket Fountain - Cuba St

street art - Cuba St

Cuba St - building style

Well we have had our first day in Wellington and this beautiful city could not have put on a better day if it tried! Just lovely, warm and sunny with barely a breath of wind. Today has been about the Cuba St precinct – starting with an excellent early morning coffee at Midnight Espresso and then a slow wander along the street looking at shops, people, and landmarks. I just love this part of town – it’s so vibrant and interesting. It was great to see so many of the old, familiar places still there, along with some very exciting looking new ones! We simply don’t have enough time to do it al

We wound our way to Te Papa where we whiled away a few hours looking at exhibits and wandering the City Garden, with a second coffee break thrown in, before we headed into the Gallipoli: The Scale of our War exhibition. If you visit Wellington, or are local, I can’t recommend this exhibit more. It’s incredibly detailed and beautifully curated, with an enormous amount of history and facts that really do leave your mind swirling. The enormous models of real life soldiers, medics, and nurses are completely mind-blowing. The detail (the detail!) acheived by Weta Workshops is truly incredible – tears looked real, hairs on the soldiers arm moved in the breeze, they were so real it seemed just as well they were enormous as at times it felt like they could move any second now. The story telling is superb, and I really felt that I had a chance to view World War I from a whole different perspective. Of all the things we did today that was probably the one we talked about the most, it’s a must see. Then back to our hotel via Cuba Street again for some quiet time. It’s been a lovely day, we are all exhausted, but fit to bursting with excitement and experiences. So now onto our next Wellington adventure tomorrow!


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