Toy Camera

When I was taking photo’s for the last blog post on Purakaunui I discovered a place in my camera that had pre-set filters. After trying a few out I thought it would be fun to take a series of pictures all in one filter, which leads me to this series done across the past two days using the Toy Camera filter.

Toy Camera 1

Reuben cleaning my car to parry favour

Toy Camera 2

The beautiful Paper Daisies in the front garden that are slowly creeping their way across the concrete

Toy Camera 3

This is how our cats let us know they would like to be let in

Toy Camera 4

When did her hair get so long?

Toy Camera 5

This glorious morning!

Toy Camera 6

The greenery and beauty of the Grahams Bush Scenic Reserve that Reuben, Mia and I walked today

Toy Camera 7

This amazing view looking out over the Otago Harbour from the start of the Graham’s Bush Track

I quite like the effect of these – they’re sort of dramatic in their deepness – a bit of fun anyway. I’ll look forward to trying another sometime soon. I hope you had a lovely weekend – this weather here in New Zealand has just been truly stunning!

Joanna x

please excuse the long absence – we have had the dreaded lurgy here in our house and the time has just run away from me… but I promise I’m back and rearing to go.

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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