for the night

Mias Hospital Pack - wrapped & ready to give

Early tomorrow Mia and I are heading to the hospital – Mia is having her tonsils and adenoids out, and having her third round of grommets. She has had ongoing problems with her hearing, having almost constant glue-ear, and this has made life hard for her at times. Add to this that, despite a very healthy diet, she seems to get sick rather a lot, and it feels like life could be a little bit kinder to her. So we are off to get a whole lot done in one surgery, and this will hopefully end all of these problems for good. She’s been promised lots of ice cream and jelly, but all in all with promises aside she has been really amazing about the whole thing.

As we are staying the night, spending two entire days there, I decided to make her up a little pack of things to take to with her to hospital – things to occupy the time and distract her from her sore throat. A little tissue paper wrapping and it’s all ready to gift to her.

Mias Hospital Pack

1. a hugging monkey – his hands velcro together so you can attach him around your neck – Kmart $5

2. The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton for me to read to her – this series was an absolute favourite of mine as a child, I hope she loves it too – University Book Shop $16.95

3. felt tip pens and a Frozen colouring book – pens from The Warehouse, 1/2 price $2.50, colouring book from Kmart $2

4. watermelon pad and mutli-colour pencil – both from Typo, the pad was on special for $3, the pen was $6.95

5. flamingo & pineapple pencil, rubber, and sharpener set – Kmart $3

6. watermelon tote bag, to carry it all in – Typo $12

So the whole thing was pretty affordable, and a lot of fun to put together – isn’t it wonderfully colourful, she’s going to love it.

Speaking of colourful – isn’t it just wonderful that America has ruled Marriage Equality for all! So heart warming to see rainbows just everywhere – what a great piece of news.


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1 Response to for the night

  1. in the right now says:

    Awww, i hope it all goes well for her and tell her thankyou sooooooooooo much for the birthday card, it was so adorable!

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