a twist on the Photo Board

Photo Boards 1

Photo Boards 2

Photo Boards 3

Photo Boards 4

Photo Boards 5

Today was a very special day – celebrating a landmark birthday for Simon’s father David. The whole family gathered for an informal lunch at Orokonui Ecosanctuary – a wonderful, special and relaxing day filled with love, laughter and beautiful food. I was entrusted with some photo’s from David’s life, to do with as I will, and had the thought that the classic ‘photo board’ was perhaps a little too flashy to be displayed in the middle of a busy cafe. After bouncing ideas around for a week or two I settled on the idea of making triangular table displays, thinking they could be turned for viewing and swapped around so that the photo’s could be viewed by all.

I bought a range of coloured cardboards from Typo and glued them to cream coloured board, then added small features like some stamped “Happy Birthday’s”, star shapes cut with a craft punch, and a mini bunting. Once the boards were glued and pressed flat I used photo corners to attach the pictures so that they wouldn’t be affected by glues, then folded the pieces into a triangle shape and stuck them together with masking tape. They were a great success, being constantly picked up and turned for viewing but, most importantly, the birthday boy thought they were really rather super.

Orokonui Ecosanctuary


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2 Responses to a twist on the Photo Board

  1. in the right now says:

    Sounds like a day filled with love and joy!

  2. Diane says:

    they are lovely A great and clever idea , well done

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