for the dolls

Mia playing with the Dolls House

a selection of fabric and vintage trim

new rug for the Dolls House lounge

new rug for the kitchen and lounge

With so much to do getting the house ready to sell its extremely hard to take any time to do something just because you want to. Today I watched Mia playing with the Dolls House, and decided it wouldn’t take a lot of time to make a little new flooring for it. This Dolls House is a very special piece of play equipment – made by my Grandfather for my Mother when she was a girl, it has since been passed through me, then my sister, and now to Mia, and I’m sure will continue to be passed down through generations. It’s beautifully made, and filled with patterns and colours and certain styles that evoke the 50s. I dream of taking time to do it up, it’s looking a little shabby around the edges, but for now new rugs for the downstairs will have to do.


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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3 Responses to for the dolls

  1. Diane Laing says:

    It looks very fresh and gay. Lovely to see the old “dolls house” again. I spent many hours playing with it when I was little.

  2. What a wonderful dolls house!! xx

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