Hey there Dream Reader

This is a challenge set from Blogging University – Write to your Dream Reader – the brief is simple ‘We often create posts hoping that someone in particular will see (and appreciate) our work – publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.” Hmm… for me that was a real thinker, and when I first read the challenge I backed away from it slightly. To be honest with you I have always written really only for myself, not in a selfish way, but because I do not want what I write to be affected at all by considering how others may perceive what I have said. I read a few other Blogging University entries for this, and they are as far spreading as writing to a fictional person, writing to a historical character, or writing to your future self.

my Dream Reader - Blogging101If you asked me who I would like to read my blog the answer would be some of the people I admire the most – and it’s these people I thought I would write about. I am lucky to have met and be surrounded by some of the most inspiring people – I really don’t know what I have done to deserve them, but goddamn I’m happy they’re here. I’m talking about people that I look at with a sense of awe – at their achievements, at their strength, at their unique, soulful, centred outlook on the world. When I round up in my mind the essential few that really rock my world, I find that they are all women, and largely ones I am blessed to be related to. I don’t want to name anyone, I just want to speak of what I see when I look at these people… there’s always the chance they may read this and recognise themselves anyway. To each I write a short letter.

  • To NH – your strength, your artistry, your vision, your poise, your taste, your approach to the world, your incredible beauty. You blow my mind, I have told you this before, the way you inspire me is so large it’s something I cannot quantify and have difficulties explaining. The amount of strength you possess- of character, of mind, of self – if the world was filled with phenomenal women like you it would be a place where everyone would simply be who they are, unerringly, and not strive to copy or emulate any others. Thank you for being the wonderfully unique and special person that you are.
  • To JH – the way you hold yourself in this world is unlike anyone I have ever known. You are solid and firm and aware of who you are, how you will be, what you want, and how you will achieve it. Your ability to be so much yourself inspires me like you couldn’t imagine – I have tried to tell you this, but fail with words. You are the kind of woman that people stop and look at as you walk into a room, you possess such a sense of Self. Everything you do you do as you wish, undeterred by the opinions of others, with an unyeilding sense of what you are wanting to achieve. You are the epitomy of how does she DO it – and I am so proud that  you are in my life.
  • JW – I have watched you fight for the best life possible for as long as I have known you with such an incredibly positive approach and unshakeable belief that, for you, it will all work out in the end – and it’s no surprise that this is exactly what has happened. When I am down on myself, feeling sorry for my situation, or being broody in any way I only need look at you to know that a persevering approach to life will bring about the best of what you can have. You live life with such an incrfedible positivity, always quick with a smile, always willing and ready to learn more, know more, share more, and give more. You are the most grounded person I think I have ever met, and every day you teach me more about attitude and mind-set. You truly have healing hands.
  • Lastly – the only person I will name – my Nanny. She is not on this earth any more, but the trail she left was so incredibly deep it still feels palpable. She loved, lived, and laughed like nobody I have ever known. Her approach to life was tirelessly happy, she walked with fairy dust falling from her fingers. To all she loved and who loved her so fiercely back, she was an angel. If there was any way I could be half the mother or grandmother she was I would know that I have achieved some kind of absolute.

These are my ideal readers – I would hope that if they were to read my words that I could maybe give them back a fraction of the enormous gift they have given me.


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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  1. You seem to have some pretty awesome people in your life!

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