Moeraki - looking back towards the Boulders

Moeraki - blowing bubbles

Moeraki - Reuben & Max on the beach

Moeraki Boulder

Moeraki - boat being buffted by the rough winds

Moeraki - games under the trees

We have just got back from our 5 day break staying at the Moeraki Village Holiday Park – we had such a marvellous time, there really is nothing like a camping holiday. We spent 5 days reading, playing, walking, eating and drinking lots and lots of tea – heaven. Moeraki turned on its most demure mood, largely being overcast and gray, but if theres one thing that can be said about this spot, its that it does gray so very very well. On our final day the sun came out and the temperature soared, but I will leave those pics for another post. For now I have a lot of Blogging University to catch up on! Glad to be back home x

To get an idea of location in the South Island of New Zealand, click the link here – Moeraki


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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2 Responses to Moeraki

  1. It looks absolutely beautiful, what stunning photos! I’d love to visit nz one day, but being in the UK and on a student budget, flights are a little out of my financial reach! One day though!

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