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.. Joanna, or you may know me as little minx. Happy New Year to you all – **chink** (clinks glasses) – may 2015 be a super amazing one for you all! I have been well and truly hit by the new things bug, and I have lots of exciting plans. But first, let me please explain why I have been AWOL from this space for some time.
For those of you who know a bit about me through this blog you will know that 3 months ago I got a new job. This was no ordinary new job, this was a Full-Time Starting-In-Two-Weeks High-Pressure kind of job. It was a shock to the way I was used to living in every way, and to be honest left me feeling, in part, grief for the life I had previously had, and an incredible amount of guilt about how difficult and busy I could see my family’s life had become. It seems terrible to sound ungrateful for Full-Time work, but to be honest with you I was just applying for whatever jobs I thought I could do and did not take much notice of details like hours, I just needed something more stable than I had and something that better used my skills. Well, I got all of that and then some. It was a whirlwind training and adjustment period, at a time of year when things are incredibly busy for our family with an insane amount of end-of-year concerts and performances to attend, as well as Christmas looming. I didn’t really have time to think, and was at a point of feeling overwhelmed, and it was at this point that I walked away from my beloved blog – I just hadn’t stopped to breath.
Why am I explaining all of this? Well, partly because I’m back (ta-dah!), but mostly because my aim here is to give you a little more of me than I have in the past. Things are tough with 2 parents working Full-Time, 2 kids doing umpteen after-school activities, things to clean, places to get to, timetables to juggle, houses to maintain, dogs to walk… the list goes on  BUT you know what? So what! A lot of people do this, and it’s all about spending some energy trying to achieve some balance. When I looked around at my family I realised that yes things were busy, but I also realised that I was standing in front of a family that is thriving – and I am so very proud of that. Maybe this is just modern life – being busy – and if that is so then we need to embrace it and make it the best busy possible.
So, yes, I’m back, and I have lots of plans and schemes and ideas I would like to share with you. The first exciting thing I have done to start the New Year off with a bang is to join the WordPress.com Blogging 101 – and this is my first assignment!
If you are new to this blog, hello, my name is Joanna. I am a wife, and mother of 2 beautiful children. We live in Dunedin, New Zealand, in a very vintage cottage over-looking the ocean. We like to walk up hills, get into nature, and play on beaches as much as possible.
I love to take photographs, write, and create. I love to make things with needle and thread and lots of lovely bright vintage fabrics – sometimes I even sell the things I make. I love to blog. The time I spent not blogging made me unhappy, and I realised that blogging is in direct correlation with my happiness levels, and vice versa. My biggest reasons for blogging, though, you can see in the pictures above. You can find me on..
Thank you for visiting,
Joanna x

About little minx

It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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3 Responses to Hello. My Name Is..

  1. Simply Be says:

    Haha Joanna you seem to be an old hand at this. Not so me another blogger101

  2. Jill says:

    Happy New Year and welcome back! I’m glad to hear things are going well for you and your family!

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