Kakanui - where the ocean meets the river

Kakanui - Molly's Cottage - view from the sunroom out to the river and ocean

Kakanui - Molly's Cottage - holiday reading

Kakanui at sunset - Christmas Eve

Kakanui - walking by the river - Christmas Day

We snuck away – just for a night and day. Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day was spent in beautiful Kakanui. We returned to Molly’s Cottagefound ourselves instantly relaxed as we all flopped down and fell into books and games. There were a few walks – to the river mouth and along the banks – there were a lot of photo’s taken.

Such was the excitement of Christmas and being away for a night that there was great difficulty falling asleep for the young ones, but all was well the next day when they awoke bright and early to find Santa had indeed found us, even though we weren’t at home. Christmas lunch on the beach – smoked salmon, avocado and ciabatta, followed by strawberries, blueberries, honeydew melon, and cherries. Simply a heavenly way to spend the day.

Kakanui - All Day Bay

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day too!

Joanna x


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