shopping for trees

shopping for trees - Kevin the Reindeer

shopping for trees - climbing the hill

shopping for trees - Christmas Trees in a row

This past week has been crazy. Insane, bonkers, off-the-richter, cray cray kinda crazy. This past week has consisted of;

  • 9 and 3/4 hours of Ballet Rehersals
  • 5 hours of RASA Hip Hop Rehersals
  • 2 games of Futsal
  • 3 Ballet shows of 3 hours length each
  • 1 RASA Hip Hop show of 2 hours length
  • 1 game of Flipperball
  • 1 Birthday Party
  • and the Santa Parade

See – bonkers! We have a very tired, but very happy and content, household. As you can probably imagine there has not been much time for pausing, so I thought I would share with you some pictures from the previous weekend when we headed to the Christmas Tree Farm to get our tree. We just love this experience, and it’s turned into quite the Christmas ritual for us. We admire Kevin the Reindeer, we feed Bambi, we run amongst trees, we bicker over tree shapes, we select our tree and have it cut for us, we drive home with a pine-scented car and 2 children being poked in the neck/leg/arm by pine needles, we put on the Christmas music, we decorate the tree in what can only be described as a decorating frenzy, and then we sit on the couch together with the camera set to timer and take our yearly Family Christmas Photo.

shopping for trees - rediscovering the Christmas books


Admittedly this day has it’s own level of bonkers, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. What are your traditions for starting the Christmas buzz?


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