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Welcome! This is the new space for little minx – thank you for visiting – glad to have you here!

Why the new space? Because, quite frankly, life as I have known it for the past 7 years has suddenly been turned upside down and around about, and as part of this new territory I thought it was time I revisited what I am blogging about. Things are now officially crazy for us here, I have a new full time job and life is now extremely hectic. There is really not much in the way of time for the sorts of things my days used to be filled with. In this new chapter of our story balance and organisation have quickly become the most important aspects of our lives, and as such are what I would like to talk about here. It’s all very new, and a definite work in progress. I am certainly not alone in needing to make time work better for our family, and to create a focus on making the precious moments we have all about quality.

Of course to confuse matters we have also decided we are going to move closer to town to try and ease the crazy timetable we are currently living – and as you can see from the photo’s this has meant it is time to get the house ready to sell. Yesterday while I painted Mia collected Dandelion flowers.

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So this is weekend minx – a space where I intend to share our weekends with you – our projects, outings, and adventures. This time has become extremely precious, and it is my intention to squeeze every little piece of moment out of it. Please join me – I hope you find some inspiration and ideas here.

Joanna x



About little minx

It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Meg says:

    Yay! Hello. Good luck with the sale of your house and all of that. I like the pretty photos of your weekend.

  2. Jill says:

    Best of luck! Working full-time is a good thing but it took me quite awhile to adjust to being a full-time working mother. Go easy on yourself and give yourself plenty of time to adjust.

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