Changes - congratulations flowers

Changes - 'Southern Trees' by Heather Dunckley

There has been big news around here, and changes are afoot. I have a full time job! A bona fide 9-5 (ish) weekday job – very exciting indeed. It would seem that right now there have been a lot of shifts in the balances of our home, and things will have to change to accommodate them. We are thinking about our home, our timetable, our weekly planner – there are a lot of decisions to make.

One thing that has been on my mind is the little minx blog – with full time work this is not something I will be able to maintain, and of late I have been pondering the future of this space. Life is very different from when I hit post way back in March 2009. Gosh how different things are! We have been married, Mia has started school, Reuben has moved on to Intermediate and starts High School next year, the little minx brand has grown and grown, held back really only by an exploding appendix, and on this blog there has been 4 & 12 years of my life and over 500 posts. I have loved every minute of it – now the question is what to do next? I love to blog, and would like to continue, but am thinking of something new, something different, to reflect the next phase in life. I’ll let you know soon enough what that is – but if you have any thoughts please feel free to leave a comment or email me at – always happy to hear what you have to say, and would love to hear what you do and don’t like, or would maybe like to see next.

I will also hold a sale in the little minx shop soon as I am pretty certain this is something else I will no longer have time for. It’s been a blast, but the focus will be elsewhere from now on methinks!

Changes - 'West Coast Giants' by Heather Dunckley

During the time this blog has been going Simon and I were married, and one of the families involved on the day gifted us some money to help with the wedding or do with as we wished. We used some for the wedding and the remainder to purchase these two beautiful Heather Dunckley pieces – ‘Southern Trees’ and ‘West Coast Giants’ – we have finally had them framed, see that only took nearly 5 years!

Look at those beautiful flowers – aren’t I lucky! My lovely family sent those to me to congratulate me!


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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4 Responses to Changes

  1. Joanna, you are such an inspiration. Go well dear, knowing that you have made the very best if your life and seem set to go on and on doing just that. Congratulations and ten thousand goid wishes.

  2. I hope that your new job is wonderful and that you love it and that whatever life brings you in the future it is all good. Even if you are not able to maintain your blog as you have, there is nothing to say that you cannot post occasionally if you feel like it, you never know! Best wishes! xx

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