Crafty Freaks #6

little minx Camera Strap 1


I really dislike camera straps, I find them scratchy and uncomfortable, usually too wide, and they make me feel like the camera is pulling me down to the ground neck first. I hadn’t had this current camera long before I took the strap off, preferring to walk around holding it instead. This, of course, has it’s own problems and limitations, especially when you end up holding it for a long time – something I soon discovered when I held it for most of the day on the Peninsula tour last weekend.

little minx Camera Strap detail

So this weeks Crafty Freaks was rather a revelation, as it has changed my view on camera straps forever. This design was one of those work-it-out-as-I-go-along kind of ideas, I have looked at some on Pinterest and even saved tutorials, but when it came down to the making I just nutted it out as I went along. Heck, it doesn’t even have a pattern drafted, just a plain ole cut, iron, sew, and finish. I sure do live life on the edge huh 😉

little minx Camera Strap


Super happy with it, and it is so comfortable to wear. I made the fabric part at the top a lot longer than the strap it came with, which seems to work a lot better as it sits much lower down over the collar bone – and with a Vintage fabric like that I think it’s going to look great against almost anything. Now to save enough money to wander around that city map with it….

What went right? Well, everything. It’s come out really well, and was a quick and easy make.

What went wrong? Nothing – I don’t think I would change a thing.

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2 Responses to Crafty Freaks #6

  1. I hate camera straps too, so I made a crocheted cover for mine recently and I love it now!! Yours is really pretty too and looks a lot more comfortable. xx

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