Crafty Freaks 5

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

I have good reason to be running behind on my Crafty Freaks – really I do. Today is Mia’s birthday, she turns 8, and later on today we have VIP guests and a dinner party to celebrate her special day. Lots to do. And yes, excuses excuses.

We have a lot of table cloths, but funnily enough none that actually fit our table properly when it’s extended to it’s full length. I could just go out a buy one, or I could make one! So here is the end result of that thinking. Being a little bit obsessed with diamond shapes at the moment I decided to do a diamond inspired table cloth.

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

I’m really pleased with the end result – it fits in well with our décor and the colours are great. We shall put it to the test tonight when we have guests celebrating Mia’s day.

little minx Crafty Freaks 5 - Diamond Tablecloth

What went right – I really like the look of it, it will be interesting to see how it looks covered in plates and bowls later on today. I love these fabrics – the pink and the chartreuse…. humma humma.

What went wrong – it took soooooo long to make! Probably if I’m honest about 5 hours! When I drew up the design it looked as simple as anything – just 3 strips of fabric sewn together with some diamond detail. Hmmm…. shan’t be making another one any time soon.

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