Crafty Freaks #4

Crafty Freaks 4 - Bow Tie Hair Clips 1Crafty Freaks 4 - Bow Tie Hair Clips back detail

Crafty Freaks 4 - Floral Hair Clips detail

Crafty Freaks 4 - Floral Hair Clips back

On time – phew! For this weeks Crafty Freaks I have made Mia 7 new Hair Clips. Mia is not much for having her hair tied up or decorated, but recently she has taken to wearing her hair pulled up from the front to the top, partly to deal with growing out her fringe. Where she used to allow her hair to just hang across her face, something that would drive me a little nuts, she now has a quick and easy style that we are all happy with and she allows for some decoration to be added in now. She had one bow-tie clip I bought her at a market ages ago that she was wearing regularly, but somehow that has been lost, so I decided to make her enough of a selection that it wouldn’t matter if she lost one or two.

Crafty Freaks 4 - Bow Tie Hair Clip detail

I started with the floral ones – cutting a flower silhouette and then folding this in half, and then in half again,and putting a stitch through the edge of the fold until I had enough to make a puffed out flower.Then I stitched on a couple more silhouettes to the bottom and stitched this onto a small disc on pink felt. The felt discs were then glued using a hot glue gun to the barrette clip. As you can see it has proven difficult to photograph the organza one, but you get the idea.

Crafty Freaks 4 - Mia wearing her new Floral Hair Clip

I made the four bow-tie clips using this tutorial, which was very simple and easy to follow. The only thing I really changed was that once the bow was finished I again used the hot glue gun to attach them to the barrette clips. It only took about an hour to make 4, so pretty quick as well.

What went right? Um, pretty much everything. They look great, they were quick and simple, and Mia nearly squeezed my legs off in joy when I first gave them to her.

What went wrong? Turning the middle part of the bow was a bit fiddly and time consuming, so I think next time I will just iron the folds and then sew down on the right side, or maybe even just make the middle part wider.

Crafty Freaks 4 - little minx Bow Tie Hair Clips

To see what the other talented Crafty Freaks have been up to, you can check out our Pinterest Board!

Have a happy weekend,

Joanna x

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