Crafty Freaks #3

little minx patchwork cushions #52weeksforcraftyfreaks

I know, I know – I’m late (terrible!) I have a multitude of excuses, I really do.

  1. I was sort of working on three projects at once, and the one I really wanted to move on with I couldn’t find what I needed to complete
  2. On the day it was due we had a Snow Day here which meant we were all housebound, and some of us like to ask “what shall I do now” every 15 minutes or so, which took up most of the day
  3. My Over Locker was being naughty. I now get why people get frustrated at Sewing Machines – I mean I get Sewing Machines, so when something goes wrong I can identify the issue. I do not, however, get Over Lockers! This means that when it’s not doing what it should do I go cross eyed staring at teeny tiny threading instructions, and start pulling up YouTube instructional videos on Over Locker use. So far I have learnt two things – don’t sew with your fabric pinned, or pins too close to where you are sewing, or you will have to take it to the fix-it man and he will charge you to sharpen the blade you just dented on a pin. The second thing, but I really should have known this from experience, is that when the lady in the fabric store tells you the cheaper cotton is just fine and she uses it do not believe her! It is not fine, because every time cheap thread snaps you have to rethread your machine.

Anyway, apologies and justifications aside, I have completed my third project. This is my take on patchwork cushion covers, loosely based on a project spotted in this Beci Orpin book. (I highly recommend the book by the way)

little minx patchwork cushion covers #52weeksforcraftyfreaks 2

little minx patchwork cushions #52weeksforcraftyfreaks detail

I am rather pleased with the result – they are simplistic, but I think look rather nice. It would seem that no matter how much I think I will bring colours into our home, I do seem to return to the same palette of muted tones. I guess at least they are calming.

Crafty Freaks 3 - little minx patchwork cushions #52weeksforcraftyfreaks

What went right – I really like the contrasts of pattern, tones, and colours.

What went wrong – mutter mutter… Over Locker… mutter mutter… cheap thread.. I promise I have plans to make some non-sewn items in future weeks.

These have been officially cat approved, so I guess they will be sticking around. To see what the other talented Crafty Freaks have been up to visit and follow our Pinterest Board here. Still considering joining? Go on, you know you want to! It’s free licence to make whatever you wish, and share with other clever beavers! Details on joining can be found here.


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