it’s a thanks thing

I have been a little unwell this week, or maybe more than a little, but after a dose of what a friend described as equine strength antibiotics I am well on my way to recovery and feeling full(ish) of energy again. There’s nothing like feeling blah for a few days to make you really appreciate how valuable not feeling blah is! In this home, and in my life, there has been a small run of things to appreciate and feel grateful for. I’d go so far as to say that, right now, I’m a bit of a lucky beggar.

It started with Simon getting his dream job, here, at the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, He won’t be working outside, he’ll be managing Horopito, the café in the Visitors Centre (though I suspect he may be volunteering as much outside time as possible when he’s not working, it’s so so beautiful there!) Needless to say he is a very very happy chappy, and we are all thrilled for this turn in events.

Sol Pharmacy Giveaway winner! Trilogy prize pack!

On the same day that he got his job a friend casually mentioned to me oh, and you’re a winner too. I said what? And that’s how I found out that I had won a Trilogy Prize Pack from Sol Pharmacy! This is one of my favourite skincare brands ever – it’s a New Zealand made natural skincare range, and I now have Moisturising Cream, Body Wash, Rosehip Oil, Eye Contour Cream, and Aromatic Body Oil… this is the kind of booty I could only dream of! I never (ever) win anything – seriously, the last time was when I was 9 years old and won a Johnson & Johnson pack. So,more than a little chuffed that I follow Sol Pharmacy online (they have a fabulous facebook page here – lots of great natural beauty and health tips)

gifts from a customer

Whats next you ask? Well – a little thank you pack from a repeat customer who has so far bought 13, yes thirteen, Tote Bags from me. She recently let me know she gives them away as gifts, but lucky 13, which just happened to be this one, she is keeping for herself. Each time she buys something from me she sends me a thank you card, some home dried herbs, and the occasional gift – this time this gorgeous pencil. I am so touched each time she does this – you see how lucky things have been around here?

A few more things I am truly grateful for right now

  • this afternoon I had an hour alone with Mia at a café – we drank hot chocolate and coffee, and an M&M Cookie, and she talked and talked and talked. I don’t spend enough one on one time with her, I must fix that.
  • a friend came into work tonight with dinner for me – she had made Thai – and boy was it amazing! Coconut Rice with a Red Curry chicken and vegetable dish. I am taken aback when someone does something so very very thoughtful such as this. I’m lucky to have friends like that.
  • I’ve taken this Friday off work – I’m so excited to have three whole days off!

As you may be abe to tell, it’s very late here, but I am buzzing on all the good stuff, so wanted to share with you. Rightio now, I am off to try Sky Go for the first time and catch up on some True Blood. 

Oh, and most importantly, thanks for reading,

Joanna x


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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2 Responses to it’s a thanks thing

  1. Marine Swart says:

    What a lovely post to read…so pleased for all the grateful things that happened to you and your family! I have never been to the Ecosanctuary – will definitely have to go and pay the cafe a visit (I work in a cafe myself so always keen for a coffee somewhere where I do not have to make it myself!). What time of the year do you recommend visiting the Ecosanctuary?

    • little minx says:

      thank you Marine! Its good to stop and think of the good stuff every now and then, but we do seem to be having a (I will admit well-deserved!) run right now.

      You should definitely visit the Ecosanctuary – it’s a beautiful beautiful place, and has amazing views. To be honest, I think it would be beautiful any time of the year! xx

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