365 Grateful (June 2014)

little minx #365 Grateful - June 2014 - library adventures

library adventures – time for a new book! Love these moments x

little minx #365Grateful - June 2014 - Mia's Popcorn

‘Mias popcorn. do not eat. has germs’ about sums up the sickness passing through the house. humour, however, unaffected it seems

little minx #365Grateful - June 2014 - complete happiness

complete happiness – carrot cake, coffee, and a good book at my favourite cafe

little minx #365Grateful - June 2014 - live theatre love

live theatre love x

little minx #365Grateful - June 2014 - I'm on top of the world!

“take a photo of me, I’m on top of the world” A day with Mia & her best friend

little minx #365 Grateful - June 2014 - Brian Brakes camera

this moves me so much – Brian Brakes camera

Looking over last months #365Grateful it seems that, although busy, this month doesn’t seem much different from the last… hmmm… I think  I need to figure out moments to breath, or I need to join the #slowliving movement. Although I would probably end up having to face facts that slow living would never work for me with my busy family and lists of to-do’s, but it’s a nice thought. If you are on Instagram you can follow me here.

We are having quite the impressive polar blast here – flurries of snow and gorgeous moody colours everywhere you look. The kids, as always, are hopeful for a decent snow dump that could lead to a day of snow play, and a day off school. I am hoping that won’t happen so I can get to working on my Crafty Freaks project #2… it’s very hard to pick with so many ideas swirling around in my head that I want to try. Better decide quickly – it’s due this Friday!

Keep warm everyone,

Joanna x


About little minx

It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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2 Responses to 365 Grateful (June 2014)

  1. I love your goodreads app on the sidbar! I am looking for something to read next and might have to check out one of those! 🙂

    • little minx says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog Jessi – and thank you for your comments! I am a huge Goodreads fan, I just love it when you can find uses for the internet such as this – I hope you find something you enjoy x

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