Crafty Freaks #1

Crafty Freaks # 1 little minx fabric dying

Crafty Freaks #1 - little minx hand dyed Tote Bag

Right – so here is my first submission for Crafty Freaks, I’m a little bit excited! Here is my story – every time I go to Typo I opt to buy one of their calico bags, and every time I get home from Typo someone takes my bag and I never see it again. Well that’s not wholly true – I see it again when it falls apart from use and love, and I get to re-make it. So I thought for my first Crafty Freaks project it was time I cut out the middle man and made myself some darn-toting bags! I blended this idea with my long wish to dabble with fabric printing, and my absolute love of the simplicity of handmade stampers such as potato prints.

Crafty Freaks #1 - little minx hand dyed Tote Bag 2


And this is the outcome. As you can see I have a bit of an obsession with cross shapes, and at the last minute decided I would also try some dip-dying with the fabric which has taken up my evenings for most of the week. What went right? I am loving the softly hand-stamped uniqueness of this. What went wrong – I love the idea of hand painted words, but it would seem that I do not posess that particular skill.

Crafty Freaks #1 - little minx hand-dyed Tote Bag

You can see some of the other joiners on the Pinterest Board here. Want to join? Please do! Easy submission right here.

Joanna x



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