Fashion – 1960s – for children

Fashion - 1960s Childrens Sewing Patterns 1965 & 1967

Fashion - 1960s Childrens Sewing Patterns - 1968 & 1969

Fashion - 1960s Childrens Sewing Patterns - 1961

Fashion - 1960s Childrens Sewing Patterns - 1968

Today I was flicking through my pattern collection trying to find a pattern for a friend, and got completely sidetracked by my rather vast Vintage selection. There is something so very poignant about sewing patterns. They are, in a way, the visible memory of what we were trying to be in the world – and Vintage ones give us a view into a reality not provided by internet searches or books. This is what people actually wanted to make and wear, to emulate and be. I completely adore them – I can stare at them for a long period of time, my imagination running wild with thoughts of what it was really like back then. I certainly adore shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire for the beautifully curated glimpse into era’s past (they both rate 8.7 out of 10 on IMDB, so clearly I’m not the only one) So I thought I would start something I have been meaning to start for a while, and that is to share these gorgeous glimpses of life and design with you all, starting in the 1960s. Don’t you just love these? Look at the colours and patterns children wore! I lined all of these up and noticed a prevalence of deep blues paired with mustards – my current colour obsession. The idea seems to have been to dress children to look very smart – even the beachwear has optional pairing options. And yes, that Maudella pattern (still in it’s plastic bag) is not only from July 1961 (according to the stamp) but is a pattern for a “School Dress”

Tomrrow is the unveiling of the first Crafty Freaks – I’m so excited! I’ve spent all day humming along with my project, doing something new, and I’ve been in seventh heaven. Can’t wait to see what the other joiners have been up to!

Joanna x

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2 Responses to Fashion – 1960s – for children

  1. Diane says:

    All The Very Best for Crafty Freaks … Enjoy

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