right now

right now 1 - new little minx cushions as a midwinter gift

right now 2 - it's a little gray and hazy outside

right now 3 - the newest family members - wee cuties

Right now – we are having a slow day. It is gray and hazy outside, true winter weather, and we have been lazing around eating eggs on toast, drinking tea, watching Sunday morning tv and reading blogs. It is late morning and we are still in our PJs, and that’s quite fine by me.

Right now – I can show you the cushions I made as a Midwinter Solstice gift for a family member. Based on this cushion I made for us a wee while back, with added red stitching detail as they have gorgeous red leather couches.  These cushions have been cat approved.

Right now – something happened the other day when I saw this image on Pinterest, one of those lightbulb moments. I thought what if we pushed our dining table up against the window, and once I tried this and liked it several more items were moved around in the room, one item was removed, and voila, suddenly everything fell into place. I don’t know if you have this issue with your home, but I have been moving things around in our small lounge/dining room for the past 5 years, each time getting it a little closer to right, but not quite there. Much to the chagrin of my husband I have bought things, removed things, and replaced them with something else, always feeling like I am nearly there but it’s not quite working. Thanks to a little movement the other day, and a rather wonderful Trade Me purchase that I am going to jazz up, I can honestly say I think I’m nearly there! That’s super exciting – so Mia and I picked two new Wee Cuties houseplants for our table, which we rather adore. It’s funny what a difference a small thing can make in a room.

Right now – I am admiring some of the talented and creative woman who have joined Crafty Freaks and are really stretching those creative muscles. I can’t wait for the first reveal this coming Friday. I am not as organised as some around me, but I am getting there. You can still join should you wish to – you don’t need to make 26 projects, the idea is to challenge yourself to try some of those things that you want to create simply because you want to! 

What are you up to right now?


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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