in another world

in another world - Kakanui, the ocean in summer

in another world - All Day Bay, Mia in the ocean

in another world - Kakanui at dusk, summer

We are in the midst of winter, and here in our home in the midst of wintry sickness. Not much fun – Mia came home unwell on Friday and it has ravaged through each member of the family, though so far luckily leaving Simon untouched. There has been a fair amount of couch time, reading, watching movies, and spending some time on computers. Reuben and I have finished our current books, watched The Lone Rangerย (which we enjoyed very much), and drunk a lot of herbal tea while sitting in one spot for the past couple of days. It’s oddly nice to be forced to do very little.

In the past day I have been going through my rather shocking photo files trying to right their filing wrongs – well let’s say it’s been a while since I have done what I always promise myself I am going to do, and that is to go back and organise them into months and years. You would think I would know better, you would think I would know to save myself the hassle by doing it at the time… apparently not. It is rather lovely going back through these files though. I am guilty, as I am sure a lot of us are, of not printing very much at all – which remains to be odd with me as I do take rather a lot of photo’s. One aspect of today’s organising that I really enjoyed was looking through some of the more summery moments captured in our two summer breaks – at Moeraki and Kakanui. Two places we just love, and two very magical spots in this beautiful country. So I thought, in the middle of winter, I would share a little more of our summer – and if you were at all curious as to how much time I can waste into the computer, the answer is most of the day it would seem.


Please pop by again later in the week – I will be announcing and launching my newest idea and challenge – I hope you all like it, and I really hope some of you may be inspired to join in!

Joanna x


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2 Responses to in another world

  1. Rose says:

    I’m excited to hear what your new project is! I’ve got something in the works too, which all going to plan I’ll be able to share in a few weeks.

    We’ve had a rather nasty bug go through our house too which we’re recovering from now. Luckily the wee man was over it in half a day, but we didn’t get off so lightly!

    • little minx says:

      Oh no – I hope you’re all feeling better! It’s great how the littlies share their germs with us then bounce back super quick isn’t it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m excited to hear what your new project is too! It’s great to have plans for change x

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