a little something new

little minx Tablet Sleeves for 10" Tablets - Vintage selection

little minx Tablet Sleeves for 10" Tablets - modern collection


little minx Tablet Sleeves for 8" Tablets - modern collection

little minx Tablet Sleeve - Flamingo Sleeve for an 8" Tablet - pictured with a Samsung Tablet

little minx Tablet Sleeves for 8" Tablets - a mix of Vintage and Modern Collection

Well, okay, not that new. Also possibly not that little, but you get the idea. If you are a follower of this blog you will know that the above pictures do not exactly show a Brand New product – I made these a couple of months ago for the Dunedin Online Pop-up Department Store, and was so pleased with the result I went into a flurry of making with them. These are my new Tablet Sleeves – designed to fit both 8″ and 10″ Tablets or iPads, hard cover and all – really, is there a better way of protecting or transporting your device around? All you need to think is cute and practical and padded and unique, and I think you have a fairly substantial list as to why this is a lovely thing to have in your home.

Okay, so I’m biased! Simon has a Samsung Tablet and it’s never looked cuter (or been easier to find truth be told). I have even extended this design to my Laptop, which now sports a fine Flamingo themed cover (this is something I will be offering in the future as well, custom Laptop Sleeves). You see above a small selection of the available fabrics – this is one of those rare occasions where I branch into ‘new’, or as I’m choosing to call them modern fabrics, alongside my trusty Vintage finds. These fabrics were just too darned cute, I couldn’t resist. In my enthusiasm I have made 10 of each type, forgetting the slow place in which they can be edited and uploaded into my shop, but there is a selection in the shop already, or if you see something you truly adore feel free to message me to see if it’s still available (email is up there in the top right). Dress-ups for our technology – I’d say a big fat yes to that!

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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2 Responses to a little something new

  1. Louise says:

    My comment on this got wound up in the next… Love these new pieces from you. You’ve stuck to a signature style that has become central to your stores, love it! Over the years your work has evolved beautifully. x

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