sometimes up, sometimes down

Hands up who likes me..

‘The Party’

Comedian Rik Mayall has passed away, aged only 56. I am so saddened by this news, what a comic genius he was, what a loss. I feel, as I’m sure many of you do, that he has been there for most of my life. I have incredibly fond memories of being out on a Friday night with my friends in the mid 80s only to rush back to someone’s house to watch the late night viewing of The Young Ones, all of us circled around a tv giggling so hard it was difficult to hear the next line. TVNZ programmers for some reason had put it into a slot at 11.30/12 o’clock at night – I guess they either assumed there was no audience for it, or that if put there it simply would not be discovered. Whatever the reason for the odd timeslot they couldn’t have been more wrong – these lines have been permanently written into history now thanks to Rik Mayall, Lise Mayer, and Ben Elton.

It’s my Room..

Obviously Rik Mayall has done a lot more than just The Young Ones – including various Blackadder appearances, Drop Dead Fred, roles in all of The Comic Strips Famous Five spoofs, Guest House Paradiso,  and Eat The Rich to name a few of the better known ones.

Flash by name, Flash by nature!

I must be dreaming..

But quite possibly my favourite Rik Mayall moment is this poem from Rick.


Thank you for the laughter, you will be missed.


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2 Responses to sometimes up, sometimes down

  1. Louise says:

    Love your new work! So many things you could make, and with your signature style – I can always tell it’s yours. 🙂 Sad about Rik, my – the scene with the bed and the match! Brilliant! Love it. Still have it on dinosaur VHS from recording it off the TV. 😉 I loved the part when he pinched Viv’s arm and told him to ‘get ooooooout’. Then Neil’s bedrooms on fire. Roll! He was the best character of the lot. Totally crazy and probably why I identified with him so much. 😉

    • little minx says:

      I was so saddened by his passing – such a huge part of my memories of growing up – such a clever and talented man, and clearly someone who lived a life doing what he wanted, how he wanted to.

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