Reuben’s Quilt

Reuben's Quilt - Oscar gives the batting the a-ok

Reuben's Quilt - detail

Reuben's Quilt - detail

Reuben's Quilt - waiting on his bed for him to arrive home & 'open'

This year I have sworn to Finish Things – there are a lot of partially done things around the house, and a rather large concentration of said things in the Studio! One of them is the the quilt I promised Reuben as a gift quite some time ago. I had bought the fabric, cut it, sewn together the horizontal strips, chosen the order in which these strips would be sewn together, and then put it in a bag to finish later. Well it’s much later, and I have spent most of the week saying to myself no, you are finishing Reuben’s Quilt, no distractions. 

For this project I used this tutorial on Cat Taylors Blog which I have used before to make a quilt for Oscar – it’s a wonderfully simple and easy to follow Tutorial. Obviously this time required a bit of re-thinking as this quilt is double bed sized not baby quilt sized. I am really happy with the completed project, and even more pleased that after it sat packed away for a bit I still like the fabrics. Most importantly, Reuben is happy with it, which is all I could ask for x


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5 Responses to Reuben’s Quilt

  1. Diane Christine Laing says:

    Lovely Quilt , well done , the colours are lovely and it was nice to see my old friend Toby there .

  2. Faith E. says:

    Did you know there is a picture book called “Reuben’s Quilt?”

  3. Faith E. says:

    Sorry, it is called Reuben and the Quilt. By the way, your quilt is beautiful. I love the colors!

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