seasonally speaking

winter - tree skeletons

winter - hazy skies as Swallows swoopWell hello there winter – nice to have you back. How was your time on the other side of the globe? We’ve had all sorts here – it seems that summer and autumn were just not in the mood to behave themselves at all. We’ve had storms followed by heat, followed by snow… it has certainly kept us on our toes. Bags these days are packed with raincoats, sunhats, sunscreen, and a warm top. After all, we have to be prepared. We all got a bit excited at having a Snow Day last week, though we have learnt from Snow Days of the past to appreciate what we have as you forgot to give us any more last year! That won’t happen again this year I assume, the kids get so excited about the thought of having enough snow to make a snowman. Not to mention we all love the excuse to plead snowed in and hang around the house with the fire on reading books and baking biscuits.

I do love a good winter – hazy blue skies, long fingering shadows, and every time you look up the view is through skeleton trees stretched across the sky – such a beautiful time of year. Welcome – glad to have you here winter x


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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