Otaki Beach

The sun setting over the Tasman Sea – Otaki Beach

Otaki Forest

Otaki Forest – Many hours were spent here as a child, running up and down rolling earth, playing hide and seek and imagining every sort of goblin and monster living here

Otaki Beach

Otaki Beach – every shade of gray you could possibly want, with Kapiti Island in the distance

Pussypaws after the rain

Pussypaws after a rain – Otaki Beach

Otaki Beach

Reuben collecting driftwood, the Tararua’s in the background, a storm brewing – Otaki Beach

I was reading a blog post by Posie Gets Cozy the other night – gorgeous pictures followed by a beautifully written memory of her childhood playground. I was so moved reading it that I held my breath as I wandered along the words. It is set in a land foreign to me, but the feelings are just the same. When I was growing up we spent as much time as was possible at the Bach my Grandfather built in Otaki, on the West Coast of the North Island. The house is tiny, and it was often filled to the brim with family, but never felt crowded. There were always more chairs in the garage, or a stool to be grabbed from behind somewhere – there was always room. We spent weekends, holidays, and even a very chocka Chrsitmas there with tents on the lawn. At times we borrowed a shed in the neighbours property to help house the overflow, sometimes we had camp beds lined up in the garage as we tried to sleep to the sound of the iron roof creaking as it shrunk in the decreasing temperature of the night. Every memory from here feels like an adventure, and is so sharp it feels like it happened only last week. These really are the memories that make me feel whole – they may not be completely correct, but as they belonged to a child I think we could forgive that a little.

As you may know we recently had a holiday there, I haven’t had a chance to properly revisit the photo’s, and am still a little concerned I am not doing this beautiful area the compliment it deserves. It’s so much bigger in my head. This a place that I think in my heart is home, the one place that is altogether so familiar it is etched into my skin. This is my love, my home – Otaki x

You can read the post from Posie Gets Cozy here


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