slowly slowly

I’m having one of those slowly slowly days. Lots to do, as always, but the minutes just seem to be swallowed up with distractions. One of the biggest distractions has been some time plodding away on the internet, looking at emails, blogs, and social media. I always feel guilty letting a day fall into the grasp of these things, but considering a fair amount of my inspiration comes from reading and viewing online, maybe I shouldn’t. Doing this also had me thinking about inspiration. Here are a few things on my mind right now:

Wishing – I could/would read more. I find it hard to find time for books, but so love the days when I allow myself those moments to get swallowed up into a story. I am currently loving I Am Malalabut would like to be finished so I can move onto my next planned read The LuminariesThere really doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day!

Confession –  Reading makes me feel like a better person.

my bedside - reading I Am Malala

my bedside table – favourite things

Loving –  Moments when I just stop everything and take some time to read the blogs I follow on Bloglovin’. Have you joined this site? It’s a great way to organise your blog inspiration into one spot. I find it so easy to use, you can access it from anywhere, and all that you are interested in viewing is right there waiting for you rather than filling up your email inbox which invariably (for me anyway) gets deleted. This is a really nice way to lose a bit of time – I find alternative approaches so inspiring. If you would like to add my blog to your feed there is a button to the right you can click.

Confession –  Reading blogs by others makes me wish I did more with my time. Here are a few I have read recently that made me stop for a pause.

Soulemama – reading (or rather, listening) It seems that I am not the only one with time issues when it comes to reading

Her Library Adventures – Thirty Goals – Play with Watercolours My mother is a superb painter, I wish I could squeeze a little painting in too. I love the idea of watercolours.

Design Sponge – Best of the Web 5 Possibly a place of guilty pleasures, but oh what a place! Plus I want those Donna Wilson bean bags

Meet Me At Mikes – Inspiration Information: My (online) Course About Creativity This is such a cool concept, I love the idea of following inspiration challenges and getting this creative juices flowing. I’ll have to put this in my wish list box!


Otaki Beach - on my mind, and my new Desktop picture

Otaki Beach – on my mind, and my new Desktop picture

Listening – Currently really loving  the new Beck album Morning Phase – it’s so beautiful and soulful, and as one friend described it, melancholic (but in a good way). I have also been listening to Bruce Springsteen’s The River – oldie but a goodie, and very soulful too. One thing I have been getting into of late when in my workroom is Podcasts – it’s a great way to get lost into your work, and can be really interesting. I especially love Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 which has me laughing so much animals leave the room, The Edge Code which is about running a creative business from a woman’s perspective, and Wilosophy from Australian comedian Wil Anderson as he sits with friends discussing their philosophy and approach to life now they are all in their 40’s (the Pinky Beecroft one was particularly fabulous)

Confession – I should be listening to Podcasts to expand my life, but truth be told I love a good laugh.

So, there you have my days thoughts and meanderings. Maybe I have achieved something after all.

Joanna x


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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