Tablet Slip-Covers

What a busy week last week was! Nothing better than a hectic time with ‘success’ and ‘motivation’ attached to it. The Pop-Up Department Store was a triumph with just the right mix of fabulous location, delightful items to purchase, and delicious display. Next came a fortuitous two requests for Tablet Covers, which prompted the first new design for little minx in, well, quite a long time. These have been on the must try this list for quite some time, and I am so pleased I have finally moved forward with them and made some. Starting with the 10′ iPad/Tablet size I made seven for the weekend, and have already sold two with 3 custom orders for include a Kindle, a 7′ Tablet, and a Laptop. I would call that a success considering the first one was completed only 5 days ago! This is very exciting for me, there really is no better feeling than messing about with a new design – and for it to sell so well straight away is just wonderful. I am currently working on my new website, so I will let you know very soon when it is up and running and ready to be viewed. And that’s another thing I am feeling very excited about, so rather lovely all around.

I have been thinking a lot of late about what I do with myself day to day – questioning the work to live philosophy that I feel rather pressed under. This is the way things are, I get that, mouths to feed and bills to pay BUT.. just imagine if it weren’t like that. It’s been really buzzing around in my head – how can I make that change to live to work? Naturally thinking about this means that everywhere I look there are quotes, phrases, and articles about changing what you do and living a life that suits you better. You know the kind of thing – here’s the truth: your situation is never permanent. It’s what you make it. Life isn’t solid, it’s fluid. It changes. They’re dime-a-dozen, but sometimes when you’re looking they are right there in front of you flashing like a neon sign. As it works out there are a few things flying around that may be able to help me make a change, nothing I can talk about right now, but it sure is great to feel excited, scared, and a little bit heady about possibilities. If I am open to things flying at me from the left, this means it could happen, right? I watched this fantastic TED speech by Kelly McGonigal about stress, your approach to challenges, and chasing meaning here  – about sums it up really. Perhaps it’s time for another one of those leap moments – placards aside let’s see what happens x

little minx Tablet Slip-Covers - orange paisley

little minx Tablet Slip-Covers

little minx Tablet Slip-Covers


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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  1. GRANNY SMITH - says:

    I love the fabrics and design good luck Joanna and also good luck with the new adventure forming in your mind .

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