The Cotton Club

Yesterday we celebrated Simon’s birthday with a 1920s themed Cotton Club party. We joined two tables together stretched through our dining room and enjoyed a wonderful meal with a collection of our friends. I had decided to focus decorations on black and white, and covered the tables with a long white table cloth peppered with tealight candles in large Agee jars and bunches of nasturtiums, as well as hanging a room divider made from black and white crepe paper streamers. We served guests Gin Rickeys in jars, and spent a lovely evening listening to Jazz, talking, and laughing. The evening was a lot of fun, and I have to say having spent the past few weeks researching the 1920s I am completely enamoured with this decade now. You can see my Pinterest board for the party planning here.

Cotton Club Party - Nasturtiums in jars

Cotton Club Party - streamers as room dividers

Cotton Club Party - Gin Rickey in a jar

Cotton Club Party - the amazing Art Deco cake Victoria made for Simon


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One Response to The Cotton Club

  1. GRANNY SMITH - says:

    wow thats some cake … glad it all went well .

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