Simple Summer Salsa

If you have kids you will be well aware that the word salad conjures up all sorts of pinched faces and exclamations of eurrrgh! Well, I have found a way around this, and thought I would share with you my recipe for a simple summer salsa. My kids love cucumber, tomatoes, and corn, and after trialling a Greek Salad with them to great success I concocted the following recipe. Not only do they love it, but last night when I served it up to them next to mini chicken burgers with spinach and a chutney yoghurt, Mia exclaimed I love this, this is my favourite!

Simple Summer Salsa

Serves 4 as a side dish

  • 2 Corn Cobs
  • 1 Telegraph Cucumber
  • 1 Punnet of Cherry or Grape Tomatoes (approx 250gm)
  • 2T Olive Oil
  • 2T Lime Juice – we have a bottle of fresh squeezed juice, but if you’re lucky enough to have affordable limes use those instead
  • pepper & salt
  • Fetta (optional)

Steam or microwave corn in their husks – I use the microwave and do about 3 minutes in 1 minute increments, turning the corn each time. Leave corn to cool slightly in husk while you do the rest of the preparation.

Skin the cucumber, chop into 1cm cubes, place in bowl.

Chop tomatoes in half vertically, add to bowl.

Husk the corn, and cut the kernels off by running a knife down the body of the corn, add to the bowl.

Add a good splosh of olive oil, the lime juice, and salt & pepper to taste, mix and serve with the Fetta sprinkled across the top (I use about 70g)

Simple Summer Salsa by little minx

Other variations could include the addition of finely diced red pepper/capsicum, thinly sliced celery, a little avocado on top, or as below with lightly steamed beans.

Simple Summer Salsa by little minxEnjoy!


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