The Kitchen Table

Perfection in a day – no work, and time to do as I wished. This largely meant running errands – though don’t get me wrong, they were fun errands! The day started with a coffee date with a new friend, and on her suggestion we met at The Kitchen Table. I am so thankful for her choice as I think I just found my new favourite café. As soon as I walked in there I felt at home. As you all know I am a huge details person, and this lovely place is just buzzing with thoughtful, heartfelt attention to detail such as bunches of home-picked flowers, carefully selected vintage crockery, and a gorgeous colour scheme based around orange and chocolate. It took me about 60 seconds before I asked do you mind of I take some photos’s?

Now a funny thing happened in-between then and now, and  somehow I seem to have deleted all of my lovely photo’s, which has led to a rather distressing couple of hours trying to figure out what has happened and were they have gone. No avail, they seem to be lost so I will just have to go back and take some more. Which, of course, is just fine by me.

the sky today

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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  1. Do you still have your camera card? i can try a card recovery program at Prolab for you. Come and see me, Ang Haig-McAuliffe

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