St Clair Salt Water Pool

Before we moved to Dunedin I used to look online at all manner of Dunedin websites – government, real estate, weather, activities – but one of my favourite things to do was to visit the live web-cams, one of which sits over the St Clair Salt Water Pool. Invariable the image was murky, most likely covered in sea spray, and at times I thought it was almost fixed (being Dunedin it updates at least once in every minute) Today we finally made it there.

Driving down the harbour through gray skies, low hanging cloud, with a sense of drizzle in the air didn’t bode well to spending time in an outdoor pool, but the sky slowly began to open up until, arriving in St Clair, there was an intensely blue sky and people sitting outside cafés having lunch in summer gear. Not quite what we were expecting, but no complaints there! Visiting the St Clair Salt Water Pool is like being whizzed back in time and plopped somewhere in 1950s. Built in the mid 1800s, heating was added in the 60s so that the temperature sits at a balmy 28 degrees. We have lived in Dunedin 7 years now, and had not been here before – but I would have to say that is one of the things I really love about Dunedin, there seems to always be things we still have not done or visited. This one was a stunner – what an amazing spot, surrounded by crashing waves, seagulls, and surfers, the entire complex is absolutely stunning with fabulous design and really great colours.

I didn’t have my camera so these photo’s are an experiment in using my phone as a camera.

Saint Clair Salt Water Pool

Saint Clair Salt Water Pool -shade sails

Saint Clair Salt Water Pool - outdoor lockers

Saint Clair Salt Water Pool - view of St Clair from the pool

Saint Clair Salt Water Pool - Mia enjoying a Longest Shake in Town after the swim


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