a Museum kind of day

Oh this is not quite the summer we are all hoping to get! It’s been rain, rain, and more rain, and after the rain stops, it rains again. Today, while Reuben was away in Twizel with friends,  Mia & I spent the day with friends of our own. We decided there wasn’t much for it, it was a Museum kind of day. We certainly weren’t the only ones who had that idea, and the Otago Museum was pretty busy, but you have to hand it to Dunedin, it’s a great place for indoorsy activity. We wandered the exhibits, visited the butterflies in Discovery World, spent time pondering over artefacts in the Search Centre, went back to Discovery World, and finished the day with a Hot Chocolate in the café. Not a bad day of wandering at all really.

Otago Museum - Mia with a piece of Baleen

Otago Museum - Search Centre

Otago Musuem - the grounds under a grey sky

On a sunnier note, a friend suggest I take a look at this, and I’m intrigued by the idea. What do you think? x



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