Catch The Light

This will be one of those “I’ve been thinking” posts. Or more correctly “I’ve been thinking and thinking and writing and thinking” It’s New Years Day, and a new year lies ahead. Last year for me was about 5 metres below average, and to be honest with you I am happy to see the back of it. With that in mind, my determination to make this year as unlike last year as possible is extremely strong. Or as happens, it’s quite simply time for some change. There are things in my life that I find pull me down, or make me feel weary without any real effort. Undone projects, half finished ideas, clutter, timetables spiralling out of control, you know the sort of thing. Stuff that messes with any hope I have of finding calm, which is ultimately what I would like. I sat down the other day and wrote a list (yes, I know, me and my lists!) – this quite simply is what I want my life to be filled with. I wrote

I want – to feel light, to be happy, to love better, to be free, to move, to cuddle, to slow down, to read, to watch, to do yoga, to dance, to make, to bake, to cook, to give gifts, to seek inspiration, to stretch, a calm home, to declutter, to read blogs, to blog, to finish things around the house, to write”

It was an easy list, rolling out almost faster than I could write it all down. What it really boils down to is I want to exhale, and to choose to be happy, to surround myself with the tools to make this list easy. I am the one responsible for this, and I will make this my goal this year. It’s my life, my choice, no-one else but me can make or break this. I love this song – everything here is what I feel right now. Hold it in your hand 

Joanna xx

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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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3 Responses to Catch The Light

  1. Diane says:

    Good Luck with all your hopes and plans . I love your list . Looks healthy and very achievable … you go girl

  2. Emma says:

    Happy New Year Joanna! I love your list. x

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