December 1st

Okay, so it’s actually December 3rd, but as I mentioned in my last post there’s been a lot going on and quite a few things to blog. So, cue the music

December first – this is the date we officially allow the festive season into our home. This year the Dunedin Santa Parade fell on this date, so after attending that we went to the Christmas Tree Farm. It’s just such a great way to start Christmas, a truly unique experience, and the kids just love it – running up the hill, searching out the Reindeer, and zig-zagging through trees . Maybe because we were later in the day the Reindeer didn’t seem as keen to be fed, though one did decide to come out of his hiding spot for a moment and pull the most impressive regal poses I think I have ever witnessed – they truly are a beautiful animal.

Our lounge is now filled to the roof with a beautiful tree, and the entire house smells like Pine needles, the Christmas CD’s have been dusted off and the traditional yearly family photo has been snapped. A lovely way to start December – how do you begin your time of Yule?

Christmas Tree Farm - running through the trees

Christmas Tree Farm - Kevin the Reindeer

Christmas Tree Farm - what about this one?


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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