but it does

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to walk through the University of Otago on my way to attend a meeting. This is a part of town that has had so much impact on our lives in the past 6 years – Simon finished his degree there last year (and to be honest with you would still be there studying a Masters if he had the option!), and around this time 4 years ago we were married and had our Wedding Reception in the University Staff Club. It’s a beautiful time of year in Dunedin anyway, but the University is particularly stunning with all the bright new growth and light-hearted feel of promise and opportunity in the air. It’s such a mish-mash of architectural design, as the University grew across the decades so did the need for more buildings, but somehow it all pulls together rather beautifully. It shouldn’t, but somehow it does.

I had some time before the meeting and had the rare chance to lie on the grass and read my book, just lovely! I am currently reading this book, and it is so so good! Recommended to me by the local librarian, I hesitated to loan it when I saw the size of it (I am trying to complete 18 books this year and am running ever so slightly out of time) – but oh my it’s hard to put down! One of those “just one more chapter” tomes..

University of Otago - new and old

University of Otago - wisteria and daisys escaping into the Leith River

University of Otago - shadow play over the Proctors Office

University of Otago - IT Building

University of Otago - spring shadow play on the grass


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