Wednesday was Mia’s Birthday – she turned seven. It only struck me a week or so ago that this was how old she was going to be, and I found myself asking where the hell seven had come from? Seven? Seriously? It seems like only yesterday she was slow walking around the coffee table, gripping the edge for dear life, while stealing beans from Reuben’s plate. To me she’s a little bubba. Seven feels like such a solid age, such a middle-childhood age, she’s no longer in the “just started school” category anymore, she’s seven. Next year she moves up out of the Juniors at school, she’ll be allowed into a whole new playing area, in with the big kids – that’s what seven is. My lack of acceptance of this particular milestone is not reflected in her of course – she had a wonderful day filled with friends and family, fish and chips and Cupcakes. The Mermaid Party is still to come, so it shall be a week of celebrations.

Mia's first "real" shoes, from 6 months old

party Cupcakes

new Birthday Bunting

the Party Queen making up her new Lego


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It's a rainy day and in an attempt to slow down and appreciate the little things I have started a blog
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One Response to Seven

  1. Genevieve Robinson says:

    The wee shoes won me over. Though I am yet to have children (at 40!) I can still understand the need to keep items as reminders.

    I still have my last cats collar.

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